The Death at Dawn

Pacing around
About a broken room
No one hears the sound
Of what is coming soon.

Closed the curtain.
Locked up tight, the door.
With a letter to explain,
This life will be no more.

The letter was simply said,
The process just as short.
At dawn, they feared it dead:
Death found a new cohort.

Partnership in avoidance,
Murder by playing games.
Brings an end to this existence,
With nothing but total shame.

Across the sky breaks the dawn,
But the clouds bear the sky.
The bells toll for those now gone
But no one dares to cry.

Digging shallow graves,
Accusations of who's to blame.
Something that no one dared to save
Now bears a tragic name:

Self-inflicted destruction.
Death from trying to hide.
And because of no obstruction,
So many people have died.

How could someone be so bad?
To hurt and scream,
Fall apart at the seams,
And pretend that they are glad?

Suicide bears many ways,
And insanity is the best.
Mental torment for many days
Brings the best of final rest.

We both have met this untimely demise.
And now we cry such heavy tears.
The moment we both so deeply despised,
Finally made our insanity all too clear.