The Distance

He was on a journey, so he told his heartbroken girl.

To find out what was right and wrong within his state of mind.

And so he told the trials he faced

To keep his true love close at hand

As he spun

And spiraled

Needlessly to the unforgiving ground below.

Impact devastating, but there she would remain,

Net in her gentle hands, as her softened eyes would stare him down

To scold him without words.

He picked himself up from one fall after another

Trudging through hard times with a heavy heart worn upon his sleeve

In the distance, there was she.

Watching with a silenced sadness at his frequency of injury


Each one worse than the one before...

Stamping and crushing

Blows rained down on a man who needed no more pain.

And in the night, he'd lie awake

To dream of the girl he let slip through his careless fingers

By accident of his own mentality

Letting her get away.

Wondered if she cried by night, alone in the dark,

For him

As he did for her.

And there she was, in the closest distance

Watching with disheartened eyes that held nothing but care


And concern.

Hoping that one day he'd return

From the journey of a million painful thoughts induced from

A thousand heartbroken tears brought on by

A hundred miserable mistakes that would lead him finally to

A single, solitary true love

That awaited him in the distance.