The Escape

In the dead of the night
Footsteps beat a rhythm on the ground
An illegal pair take to flight
With authorities all around.

She was locked up tight and secure
And he was a rebellious young man.
He'd taken all he could endure
Coaxed her into following his plan.

They were to be separated;
They cause such wild trouble
Chaos has been instigated
By mischievous minds in double.

They hopped the barbed fence
And never looked back
Knowing what they've wanted since
Having it been lacked.

She's the wild child;
Sanity around her erodes.
He is slightly more mild
But chaos near him explodes.

He plays a wonderful decoy,
Loves to wreak his hell.
She loves to mentally toy
And no one but him can tell.

Together they make such a team!
No one stands a chance!
Frustrated protests yell and scream
When they make people dance.

The notices are printed
Posters hung up everywhere
All these posters have hinted
Crazed escapees are out there.

Run for your lives!
Quick, head for the hills!
Havoc is how they survive;
Sanity is what they kill.

Legends in their own time
For their amazing abilities
Always running from their crime
Of loving insanity.