The Lost Cause

Taking position
Front lines
Ignoring decomposition
Of failed times.

Turn off the smile
Activate the lies
By playing fool a while
We find that no one dies.

Your enemy today is me,
The war is set to start.
What do we intend to be-
Together or apart?

Will we be on opposing sides
Or will we be allies?
Will we both run and hide
And share the mutual despise?

Will you fall for my mental games?
Will I let you find a way in?
Will we both just be ugly names?
Will this be the untimely end?

I oppose so adamantly
And you push to go on.
With us so strong oppositely,
Is all hope finally gone?

Both at odds with insanity,
We're already in horrid pain.
Should we just let it be
Or attempt a hatred drain?

Let the spiral cease to be!
Let us go to war!
Let us fight, both you and me,
To find what we're looking for!

The storm brews violently above
While anger bellows below
This horrible place we are shoved:
An angry, crimson glow!

Who will be the one to die?
Would the other take time and pause
To suffer, mourn, and cry
When realizing our lost cause?