The Red Day

Silence reigns
For far too long.
Can no longer feign;
It's all gone wrong.

Ringing out
Are popping shots.
Frightened shouts;
Scrambling distraught.

He's in a blaze:
Where'd she go?
Gunfire can't faze
His need to know.

Fear shines bright
But brings out bravery
He knows he must fight
Against impending catastrophe.

They fall all around.
He watches them all die.
Lying cold on crimson ground
Now living in the sky.

Louder the explosions ring
To him, edging near.
Death it is the gunman brings...
It is his ultimate fear.

He finds his beloved friend
Bleeding with flesh broken.
No, this just can't be the end...
So many thoughts unspoken!

He feels so sick inside
Heart heavy with disdain
His feelings, he can't hide;
He's coated with bloodied rain.

Holding her, he starts to rock;
And offers his apology.
From his heart drops the lock...
Dead it's meant to be.

The firing starts to emerge
From around a turn
Bullets deciding to converge...
His skin begins to burn.

He crumbles just a bit
But keeps her in his arms.
His body they continue to hit;
He keeps her safe from harm.

For a moment, time freezes
She's up upon her feet.
Looks at gunman with brain diseased...
Four twisted eyes meet.

She felt his concern;
He saw her start to heal.
She wouldn't let disaster spurn
Feelings long concealed.

Her body became his shield;
Dull pain was all he felt.
To death she just refused to yield;
He sees her body pelt.

His one friend, forever true
Was defending him to her death.
He watched through scared mirrors blue,
Would he see her final breath?

Painful bullets
Spills her crimson on the ground
He saw the damned turret
And heard its horrid sound

He grabbed her by the hand,
Bravery was his fear's drape.
They couldn't make a final stand...
They needed to escape.

Scramble furious!
Run or you will die!
If you are so curious
Don't wind up in the sky!

They found a way to safety
But with hardly life to spare.
Death was the sobriety
Showing him she'd be there.

Two more casualities discovered;
Two lives met a tragic end.
But yet they both recovered
The will to try again.

Sadly, two souls are dead,
Residing in the heavens above.
Life they lost, and yet instead
They now share eternal love.

She died for his defense.
He died to help her escape.
Their deaths were of little sense,
On their beds, sad flowers drape.

But happiness is the ending here;
Smile through these tears.
It was of love, of sincerest of care
That brought them both to here.