The River Red

Softly spoken,
Lies wordless.
Laughter unbroken,
Happy recess.

Vision blue
A river runs red.
It's me and you
In a demented head.

Scratching nails
And sharpened tacks.
The arm, it tells
Of disturbing facts.

Smiling with joy
At the flowing red river.
Bloodied up toys
And a body that quivers.

This demented mind
Causes our cries.
Put happiness behind
And play with demise.

No need for stability
With games like these.
The river will set us free
Whenever we please.

Blues and blacks
With ups and downs.
Defenses to attack
And smiles to frown.

Chimes will ring
With holes to make.
Voices will sing
A total mistake.

The toys on the floor
Dam up the crimson stream.
Eyes look down and now adore
And voices dare to scream.

Adventures underground
In a sea of flowered green.
No more uttered sound
With no spirit to be seen.

And when the river dries,
The toys come back to play.
And soon the silenced cries
Are all we have to say.