The Seeker

He walks along a barren path
Alone and in the cold
This soul is but one of half...
Or so they've all been told.

Dull are his once vibrant eyes;
No true smiles on his face
He keeps his heartache in disguise
And hides all his disgrace.

He's a lost, lost boy...
Misses his first lover
Every ounce of all his joy
Was shared once with another.

He takes a moment to pause
And look up to the night
Wondering what was the cause
That made him take to flight

And for a time, he wants to cry
Tells himself it's not okay
For so long, he's wondered why
He pushed her so far away.

Come back, come back
Don't leave him here alone
Love's fulfillment is what he lacks
But he keeps his pain unknown.

The shield falls to the ground
And breaks into tiny shards
Hearing nothing but the sound
Of a man who fell so hard.

Is there no one who cares?
Or has he become obsessed?
To find the girl to give and share
The love he truly possessed?

Does he wear his heart on his sleeve?
Is it a miserable game?
Does he suffer on a lonely eve
And call out for her name?

With each passing day
Another part of him will die.
Three words he longs to say
To a girl he told goodbye.

He sinks now and he breaks
With the words in his tears
Realizes the horrible mistake
In throwing away all the years.

He hopes some day in somewhere
His feelings touch her heart
Prays that she'll soon be there
And that they'll never be apart.

He manages to get to his feet
And starts his search again
Looking for a girl he made retreat
When he declared the incorrect end.