The Suicide Murder

They see the thousand-yard stare,
They don't know the extent.
But unlikely is it that they care
Of the tears that she has spent.

It's got to be there's joy
In all of this depression
For sadness has been her toy
And quite the long obsession.

She'll look away
Whenever he comes by.
He can't make the sadness sway,
No matter what he dares to try.

He watches from a distance,
Watching all the pain
Of such a bleak existence
With eyes of constant rain.

It always seems she is alone
With no one at her side.
He tries sometimes to be the one
But all she does is hide.

She tells them all that
She is perfectly fine.
Tries so hard to just distract
From sadness so divine

That the sky goes gray,
The thunder rolls.
In her melancholy way,
Through the rain she strolls.

He chased her high
And followed her to the low
His help she always would deny
Never wanted him to know

Of just how bad it hurt within
To know the end was soon.
She needs no one on which to depend;
There's happiness in eternal gloom.

He tracked her down one last time
To find a horrid surprise:
A life cut down before its prime,
She caused her own demise.

The sight drove the boy insane;
He never heard his chilling screams.
His sanity was forever drained,
As the image haunted all his dreams.

Pretty soon his life was empty
Never would a smile pass his face.
All the people ever got to see
Was his eyes drifting out into space.

He missed the girl of sapphire,
Her companionship was what he was after.
His situation grew way too dire,
So he hung himself from a rusted rafter.

She was a risk to all around,
And he'd made many mistakes.
And now she'd drug him under the ground,
For he refused to see what was at stake.

And now the story will never pass,
Oh such a horrid tale,
Of a girl never meant to last,
And a boy who meant too well.

Everyone proclaims this a tragedy
Now seeing all the wasted tears,
Knowing they'll never see
What could have become of all the years

Of two young lives that were destroyed
Blown away by too much pain,
Everyone tried so hard to avoid
Witnessing children driven insane.

But if restored to live once more,
They'd easily die again.
For everyone knows what's in store
For he who makes sorrow his friend.