You could say I'm a little over the top sometimes, but Im MOSTLY kind…I think

You could say I'm a little over the top sometimes, but Im MOSTLY kind…I think? Shut up.
I have that dumb guy, who could and should be labeled as my stalker, that likes to get into the back of my truck while Im driving to work, then rush to the front of the building with cheap chocolate, and act like he's surprising me by being all..romantic, or something.

Now you're wondering why, exactly, does he get in the back of my car?


'Cause he doesn't have one.

I'm a little mad over that, but it's become somewhat normal. Kinda. Maybe. No.

Just because I want to throw him out of a moving car doesn't make me a sadist.
And you know what's really ironic? I was brought up in a family that was taught how to find good in every person. Which I can't seem to do with this guy. Or any person, for that matter.

My mum says to always be optimistic about things, and life isn't worth throwing
down the drain, but sometimes you cant help but think "I really just want to give up and get this over with already." Or "Can I chuck that bitch out the window, now?"
She hates it when I mention anything that has to do with giving up, but you this point in my life all I care about is getting out of the situation that Im going to be stuck in.. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but since when do stories ever make sense?

You know what, I'll answer that for you.

I bet you're wondering "Why the HELL is she still talking about this?" I'm still talking about it 'cause you haven't told me to stop... I think. Go away.

Well, I'm done with that for now, so, children, quiet down and keep reading.
I'm Auriella Pronounced OR-EE-ELLA Jones. I have light blonde-ish white hair. It reaches past my shoulder blades, fo' shizzle. My skin is pale, which is odd, 'cause I'm like 99.9999999 percent Italian.
I have green eyes. Major green, like the type you'd rave with type of green. I find them to be my best asset.
I'm pretty sure you have a good idea of my personality already? No? Well, for your information, I'm totally tubular. Note the sarcasm. In all seriousness, I do need to explain some things about me, that may or may not have any importance. Ready? Lets go.
I hate it when people say I'm wrong. I really don't care if you're right, as long as I'm not incorrect.
Stalkers scare me, as I said before. Some find it flattering, I find it completely creepy and absurd. That is not what people should be doing with their life. End of story. 'Kay, thanks.
Swings are awesome. Most of the kids in town hate me, 'cause I always get close to hitting them while I'm swinging. But, you know what?! They should know not to go in front of a swing that's moving faster than they can run. Parents these days need to teach their children some things, pffft.
You could call me overly-confident, I personally don't care. To be truthful, it's usually just the vibe I give off.

I'm sorry if I offended you?

... Not.

I find it funny how people automatically label me as shy if I don't join in the conversation that they are not

so kindly directing at me. Guess what, dumbass, once you stop talking about how "totally cool it is to be wearing Juicy Couture socks" I'll start listening.

I really don't like it when guys see women as their toys. I could careless if it was some bimbo who had it coming for her, but playing with someone who apparently has never been in a relationship before? I'll kick you in your baby maker.
I find young children facinating when they can form their own opinions without being brain-washed into doing so by their parents.

If someone told their child to go up to a gay and call them a fag, I'd turn into a physco. Woo-hooooo.
So, you've learned a bit about me. Love me, hate me. I could care less.
On to what the story is based upon, shall we?
Well, it all started off when I was kinda running…

You were running. Idiot.

Shut up.

Well, like I was saying, it all started when I was running away from my stalker, his name is Charlie, just so you know, and me, being the smart little poppet I am, took a complete turn into the woods…
But I'm getting a little head of myself.
And no, this is not completely like Beauty and the Beast, I'm tired of HIM telling me they're thinking about roses in a glass and talking tea-cu-
Yeah, I'll stop there. Talking tea-cups are in there but it doesn't mean it's EXACTLY like Beauty and the Beast.
If you don't know what Beauty And The Beast is, I recommend you going to Blockbuster and renting it.