We all jumped off the docks
Tied together
Shivering slightly into the milky waters
That glowed and threatened us
With psychedelic flowers flowing
Blowing their tongues into our crevices
And kissing us so deep we wanted to
Grow gowns of childhood rapture
Weaving tattered memories into a glamour of reminiscence
And we float on top of them trying to drift
In an ocean too big for us
Too small to take us where we want to go
Into the gardens of the universe
Where all of our thoughts are probed and grown into roses
Stretching their green skins up the lattice of the world
And we're intertwined and entangled
Just one more time

Instead our bodies bloat
Loosening our skins until they call us shape-shifters
The bones of our ill innocence are eroding
And we're joining the rocks at the bottom of these waters
Sprawling what's left of us into the places our pasts won't discover
Making new friends
And better--
New lovers

Because when we were young we thought in imaginary fixations
Where our minds were locked and tethered
To each other
Twice woven like patterns in my wallpaper
But our lives faded out as we aged
All our pages are worn out and torn into the simplest of words
It's all emotion and still-life
No dialogue to recall
No silent film played back with background laughs and soda spills
Only photographs of people we can't possibly remember
It's been so long since we've seen them
Loved them or been them
They're just portraits of once was and won't be again

So I only let myself remember the feeling of falling into the ocean
There aren't any more faces or hands laced
Just lungs breathing fishes and sticky liquids
Holding themselves tightly to the rest of my organs
Until I'm so far from any person's person I cup my love close to my mouth
Pouring it into the corpse of a stranger
And things don't seem so strange anymore

We left each other alone and wanting
Things we couldn't give because we knew too much
And much too little
To make the difference we were looking for
But we made it in alive
And as far as I know you're still breathing
Still feeling through the numb

So I smile
As we shine separate
Swimming into one future