Mind racing, Feet pacing,
Dead willows on the floor.
Arms embracing, Life replacing,
Talking to a corpse.

Cruel behavior, my savior,
simulated gore.

Distracted, enthusiastic, disturbed, and insane.
You wouldn't begin to understand,
If I began to explain.

Popped balloons, crescent moons,
Devil's walking stick.
Pumped-up tunes, flat spoons,
The little girl's brainsick.

Hypnotic trance, time to dance,
Delirious crazy bitch.
At first glance, now's your chance,
Kill that little witch.

Brainsick, Brainsick.
The little girl's brainsick.

Rabid clowns, Stained gowns,
I can see your thoughts.
Painted brown, all around,
Forget everything you've been taught.

Getting dizzy, feeling giddy,
Time to end it now.
Going crazy, someone save me,
Just tell me how.

Broken mirrors, Getting nearer,
My final magic trick.
It's getting clear, didn't you hear?
The little girl's brainsick.