Me? I'm with Cupid


London 1760

To my love, I write this letter, knowing that I do not have much time…

Irvine 2007

I smiled as my Aunt Kelly walked back down the aisle with her new husband on her arm. She looked radiant in a lily-white dress with a short train; and thousands of tiny crystal-like beads sewn on that glimmered in the light whenever she moved. Her dark brown hair shone in the soft lighting in the church and as she continued walking, her smile captured the essence of a thousand laughs.

The groom didn't look too bad either. His blonde hair seemed shiny in the church light and his green eyes were practically alight. Mike Donnelly was a nice guy who lived to make Aunt Kelly happy, he was hopelessly in-love with her and looking at them, I felt a small tug on my heart-strings. They looked so in-love and a small part of me wondered what that felt like.

Confetti flew from all sides as Aunt Kelly and Mike (I should probably call him Uncle Mike now) exited the church, laughing and ducking their heads whilst they climbed into their navy blue town car, hired especially for the wedding.

As I watched them drive away (and smirked a little at the massive cupid with a bow and arrow perched on top of the otherwise stately town car), I looked up suddenly as I felt someone's eyes on me. It was the strangest feeling but I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my entire face began to tingle. I turned around in the direction where I thought that person might be but all I saw was the back of a man's head.

Whilst shrugging, I felt my little cousin Emily tug on the hem of my champagne gold dress. I grinned, looking down into her honest hazel eyes. I'm a sucker for a cute three-year old. She pointed at my parents' car and I saw my older brother Kevin sitting inside, gesturing impatiently for me to…I squinted as I tried to lip-read,

"Get your ass into the damn car already" I saw him say and frowned as I flipped him off, then tried not to roll my eyes as I saw my mom gasp.

"That is NOT how a lady behaves!" she mouthed.

I really did roll my eyes as I saw her fan herself with a silk handkerchief. An honest to God silk handkerchief. My mom is somewhat of a dramatist, I think she thinks she is still a debutante even though she stopped being one almost twenty years ago. She dresses like the First Lady and I have never seen her in anything more casual than a sweater-set with pearls to match. Although with my grandma Mildred to raise her, I can't really blame her. She has to be the most self-righteous, arrogant, rude, snobbish blue-blooded member of high society in America, if not the world. I call her the dragon since she is so evil she might as well breathe fire. Or catch fire, I thought to myself longingly.

After one last warning glance in my direction, she lovingly ruffled Kevin's hair, pulled out a comb from her purse and then smoothed his hair down. She, like the rest of my family, dotes on my eldest brother Kevin. Although I can't see why; he can be a real jerk sometimes.

After another tug from Emily, I finally climbed into my parents' car (hell on earth, I'm pretty sure) and we made our way to the wedding reception.

The banquet room was really spectacular. The walls were painted an artistic shade of red and on them hung paintings with gold gilt frames.The odd sketch of baby cupids with wings could be found hanging on the walls and as cheesy as it was, you could hardly blame my aunt and Mike. It was, after all, a Valentines Day wedding. Which makes heart-shaped confetti and cupids' arrows pretty much mandatory.

After all the speeches had been made and the bride had danced with both the groom and her father, I began picking at the paper napkin on the table in front of me. I've never been a fan of Valentines Day. Sure, I believe in love and being in-love, but for someone who is rarely noticed, I've kind of given up on love. Or rather, love has given up on me. It was as I thought this that once again, I felt someone's eyes on my back.

I looked behind me and stared into a pair of blue eyes that held such determination in their gaze that it took my breath away. I blinked. And they were gone. I shook my head slightly, I must have imagined the whole thing because people, let alone eyes, do not just disappear in the blink of a...well, an eye. With a small sigh, I went back to my musings on my love life. They were quite depressing. Then I sat up straighter and tried to think of another subject, not liking the direction in which my thoughts were going. I am not one to wallow in self-pity.

Still. I thought to myself. If I ever get my hands on Cupid, he will have some major explaining to do.

A/N: This is my first story on fictionpress so I would appreciate any and all feedback. Also just so you know, this prologue had been edited since it was first posted and is now a bit different and (I like to think) a bit better :)