Chapter 1


To the unobservant eye my summer looked quite typical of a teenage girl. I had a job and hung out with my friends all the time. But hidden under that sugar coated exterior my life changed and never would it be the same again. Was the change horrendous? No not really. Was it fun? Not all the time, but it was worth it. Sounds like some hormonal disaster right? Wrong it's called Camp Restoration.

Chapter 1

"Congratulations Class of '08!" Said Kia our class president and coincidently my best friend as hundreds of blue caps flew wildly into the air. The safety net of high school was over and now we were being released into the wild jungle that is the real world. Were we scared? Nope, quite the contrary we were ready to jump feet first without looking. And my peers were doing that already as they all searched for their caps, bumping into each other every few seconds without apology. In that moment though it wasn't annoying, there was too much excitement for those feelings, we were done with the drama that is high school. We were adults after all.

It was with that excitement that I looked at my once class and searched for the one person I wanted to see in that moment, Garrett. My high school sweetheart, and well I hoped one day would be husband. He had been there for it all Proms, Cheerleading competitions, dates, the week I had the flu, and my many choir concerts. But it wasn't a one-way street I was there for him at every soccer game and track meet. Needless to say we were attached at the hip, but in that moment of mass confusion the attachment seemed to be broken. Where was he?

My heart fluttered in anxiety. Didn't he say that he would find me right after we tossed our hats so he could give me a kiss? I looked down at my cell phone that I concealed in my dress. It had already been five minutes, where was he? And then I saw him; his perfect walk wavering as he approached me. Well it served him right to keep me waiting, I thought as he looked uncomfortable. Though he shouldn't look that uncomfortable. Ah well, who cares. We just graduated. And with that thought I threw myself into his arms. But something was wrong; he didn't hug me like he always did. He barely even smiled his flawless smile at me.

"Babe we gotta talk." He said slowly as he looked down at the ground shifting his weight from foot to foot.

"About what?" I said nervously, for I knew that voice. That was the dreaded voice; the voice that every girl knew meant they were about to hear that infamous line.

"Us. You're going away soon. Are we supposed to keep this up long distance? Do you want me to put my life on hold waiting for you, when you could meet a new guy at college and forget me?" He said quickly as if his anger was like putting his hand on a hot griddle.

"We already talked about this, many times, we will visit each other every other weekend. Plus we have the whole summer to figure this out," I said as calmly as I could considering he was on the verge of breaking up with me. He shook his head.

"I don't know if I can wait for you. What if you change completely?" He said, anguish filling his eyes as he struggled with the words that I knew was going to come. I bit back my tears as the once quiet din of conversations, screams, and tears in the background roared in my ears. Not now! Not here, not on the best day of my life. "Tamar, can't you see that we've already grown apart and with you going away that will only increase. Babe there's no other option. We have to break up." I look at him as the wall of tears broke forth.

"Ok, if that's what you want, then we will," I sobbed. Quickly I sprinted away, stumbling over people as I went. Not once did I look back, I couldn't look back because if I did then I would be crushed once again.