You want to know what heartache is?

Heartache is when I miss your kiss.

It's when I lay in bed alone,

Constantly waiting, watching my phone.

It's when I long to hug you.

It's when your hand in mine is the only thing to get me through,

But you're not here,

You're no where near.

The tears poor every night,

And I hate that it makes us fight.

I just know it's true,

I so deeply miss you.

I feel like you don't understand.

I wonder if you miss holding my hand.

I just want you to know how I feel.

I don't want it to affect you.

I just want you to know it's true.

Yes you do cause me heartache and pain.

In the best way possible, yes, it is a gain.

It helps me realize how my life would be,

If I ever had to even imagine you with out me.

The love I feel is so, so real.

So no, my love, it's not you.

It's this ache in my heart,

Yes it's true.

I'm so sorry for letting you know.

I guess I just won't let it show.

I thought it might show how much I love you,

But I guess it's just pulled us apart.

I'm so sorry.

I know I'm difficult.

I apologize for all the wrong I've done.

Yes you won.

I wish I didn't make you hate me.

I just hope my love is what you see.

You are the meaning, the truth behind my love.

You are the meaning, the truth behind my heartache.

My love is true I'll never fake it.

Here is my heart please don't ever break it.