Cell Phones Cell Phones

"What are you doing this weekend?" the text message came somewhat unexpectedly. How did she get this number? That was the first thought that came to mind. Never mind. Her brother had the number. But why did she want to know?

"I dunno. Why?" His vague reply was somewhat disheartening. Could he have at least shown a little more interest? Angie shook off the doomed feeling.

"Cuz I wanted to hang out. So… are you around?" Since when did she want to hang out? Trey had flirted with her before. She lived two houses down for goodness' sake. He might as well give it a try. Trey had just broken up with his girlfriend. But Angie didn't know that.

"Sure. What should we do?" Of course he would go there. Angie sighed. Maybe this wasn't such as good idea.

"Don't be stupid. Let's go mini-golfing. I haven't been in ages." She would want to go there. What? Are they five years old again? Trey figured it could be fun.

"Sounds kind of fun." Angie didn't have a thing for Trey or anything. At least she didn't think she did. She just had fun hanging out with him, despite what her parents might say about his "bad boy" behavior. She preferred misunderstood. Her brother even disapproved, citing his past relationships. Well, they could be wrong. He really was a good kid.