Stay With Me

My mother calls me "sweety",

My father calls me "princess",

Strangers call me "sweetheart"

And you call me what you want.


Sometimes you call me "sweetling",

Or maybe even sweetheart,

But most of the time it's "darling"

said with all your heart.


Despite the endearing words you say,

Or how beautiful you believe me to be,

I look into the mirror each day

And hate is what I see.


My reflection shows a broken girl

With a broken heart in her hands,

And eyes that never cease to cry

Since no one understands.


I cling to the love I feel for you

Like a child to a teddy bear,

Afraid that if I lose my grip,

I'll find that you aren't there.


I admit I can be stubborn

With sometimes selfish intent;

I cut you apart with unfair words

That I never even meant.


Yet somehow you still love me

Despite the hurt I've given

You. No matter what I do,

You say that I'm forgiven.


I hope you know I care for you,

And that no matter what I say,

Or how much I want you to leave

My heart hopes that you'll stay.