A/N: For those who were waiting for this story, here it is. This will be a 10 chapter story that goes into the head of a girl with an incest brother who lusts after her. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY INCEST THEN GO AWAY. I am very open minded and will write about most anything. This work will also go into the mature genre later so if you don't like mature content then leave because you have been warned.

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Title: My Sister's Keeper

By: Melissa Norvell

Genre: Romance/Angst/Psychological

Rating: T for now will go into M


Warnings: Dark themes, Angst, Incest, Sexual content, adult situations, language, nudity, violence, POV from sister's point of view.

Summary: INCEST BrotherXSister How far will a brother's love go for his sister?


My Sister's Keeper

By: Melissa Norvell



What is love?

Is it the driving passion that one feels for an object or ideal such as a dream or your favorite band? Or is it something much more deep and complex?

Does love have a boundary or limitation, or is it as endless as time itself? Does it know a gender or preference?

They say that friendship is often mistaken for love, but can one type of love turn into another type of love? Or is it confusion? Can you love the color blue like you love to street dance? Or the way the wind blows through your hair like you love your mother?


Can you love your brother like you love your lover? Is family love confused with sexual love? Back in the olden days in places like Egypt, they let family members marry each other and have children so that their bloodline would be pure?

It is said that God frowns down upon incest because it's a sin. Angels and humans are not allowed to have sex because under the laws of creation, they are kin to each other, much like family.


I've seen many shows where a sister would lust after the brother, who would always turn her away…but what happens with it's the other way around? My brother is always so protective of me and he doesn't like it when I'm around other guys or even when I date.

I wonder…does he…love me?

Maybe I'm wrong.

But he never tells me what his feelings are and when he tells me that he loves me, the emotion behind his voice seems so much deeper than that. Could I simply be overreacting to things? Am I the one who mistakes different types of love? If he said he loved me, could I say it back and mean it the same way? Could I have sex with someone who shared the same womb as I? Who shares the same blood?

I'm so confused…

I hate these disturbing thoughts. I want them out of my head. It's wrong to think like this. I can't think like this.

I don't know what to do or even how he feels…He's so strange and it's not like I can tell anyone about this. They'll surely think I'm disgusting and vile.

So what do you do when there's no one to tell?

What do you do when you think your brother is in love with you?

To Be Continued…

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