Author's Note-

Well, people reading this may be thinking that some, if not all, of the un-supernatural parts of the story are true. Now some truth resides to this story. When I say that the characters are as real to me as reality itself, that doesn't exactly mean that they are technically based on people, and it definitely doesn't confirm an insanity that I'm self-diagnosed with. Well, maybe I'm insane. I don't exactly know for sure. Insane people don't tend to be cognizant of their insanity, do they?

Anyway, my point is that every character in Wolfheart is real in the essence that I put bits and pieces of personality into them that are seen in people that I know and talk to every day. Again, this doesn't necessarily imply that the characters are representations of people I know, either. It would make perfect sense that way, though, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, I'm a little more complicated than that…or maybe that's a good thing. Again, not sure.

Some personalities in those characters may be more noticeable as one person in particular compared to another, but it isn't that one person in the one character…catch my drift? Just tell me to stop when you get confused. My characters are made up of multiple people in my life. One character is not one person that I know, for short. Maybe that's a better way to put it. Then again, maybe it's not. I have no clue.

Now, for the events. Wolfheart being part romance gives it the potential to be easily relatable, apart from the fact that it's about werewolves. However, the events compared to my life, considering I put a lot of myself into Cale, are not true. In reality, there is no "Sara" in my life. Just making things clear. The back story is necessary to be known in order to fully understand the truth and intentions of the front story. As for Nat, well, there is someone that I can call an amazing friend like Nat was to Cale. But, again, being previously stated, that person is not the only person that has been placed into the character of Nat.

So, that being said, I will put this back story to a close for you. As for the sequel, I'm not sure if it will be continued. Though, in order to see that story, you may want to check my profile. And I do suggest you do that, because that back story is a very important detail as to what is happening to cause such a dreadful tragedy for me.

Thank you very much for reading this story. I meant to put the author's note up sooner, but it slipped my mind in the past months.