The camera panned left, rounding the scene forming in front of the hearth. The gorgeous redhead in the trio stood with her back to the fireplace, facing the two men in front of her. her big green eyes drifted to the man on the left.

His hair was as dark as the night, shaggy around his face and perfectly framing his equally dark eyes. He smiled reassuringly at the woman, but the fidgeting in his hands revealed his nervousness as he waited to hear his fate, her decision.

Then she looked to the man on the right, whose dark blonde hair was cut short and spiky. His blue eyes were partially hidden behind chic rimless glasses, but his cocky demeanor gave him away. He stood confidently, obviously assuming he knew the outcome he was about to hear.

Finally, with sufficient tension built up, the woman turned to the brunette man and spoke. "These last few weeks have been the best. Meeting your parents convinced me that you definitely got your looks from your father, and your charm from your mother. They made me feel at home. We don't always agree, but no two people can ever be exactly the same."

She turned to the blonde and her features hardened slightly. "For a while, I thought we were perfect for each other. We liked all of the same things, we had similar childhoods, and I could really relate to you. But there was a side of you that I never saw. Roll the tapes."

The TV to her right flickered on and filled with a video feed of the kitchen in the house. They watched the TV as the blonde walked onto the screen carrying a small cell phone.

"My friend and manager overheard you in the kitchen one night, so we planted a spy cam in the kitchen and caught you the next night, night after night. Let's turn on the sound."

The blonde on the TV held the phone to his ear. "Yeah, man. I've got her eating out of the palm of my hand. What? No, I don't have a cat, and I wasn't orphaned. And I don't like Japanese music. I can't stand it. I just made it up so she would fall for me. I'm just in it for the money."

The tape paused and the woman turned back to him in front of the hearth. "You're not the man I thought you were. You played me, just to get me to choose you, so you could break my heart and get the money. That's why tonight, I'm not choosing you."

His confidence fell away and he looked confused. He watched as the redhead woman turned to the brunette man and told him that he was the one she wanted to marry. The camera paused on his face before rolling to take in the scene of the happy couple, forgetting all about his confusion. The blonde whirled around, looking at the smirks on the faces of producers and fellow former contestants alike, and found the look he was looking for. Among the smirks, one face was staring back at him with even more intensity in her eyes. His eyes flashed in recognition as his gaze locked onto the face of the impossibly beautiful, but devious and spiteful raven-haired traitor. She had given him the ultimate 'screw you' kiss off in the form of giving him up to the redhead.

She smirked as she caught his gaze and flipped him the bird discreetly. His blood boiled as he mouthed, "After wrap, let's talk."

She shrugged, turning her attention back to the monitor in front of her.

He finished his obligation, waiting for the all clear before storming off set without saying one word to the redhead. Then he went to the kitchen, where he instinctively knew she would meet him, and their meeting wouldn't be pretty.

A/N: Ooo, a new story! Yeah, sorry about this. I just had a weird dream, and somehow this is the product of that dream...I couldn't just leave it in the air...:-) So enjoy!