The Sandman's Lullaby

Hush, little child, let sleep weave its way

Through the impassive dusk of the fading day

The Sandman will brush his dust o'er your eyes

As you fall through the world of mesmeric lies

Like Alice in Wonderland, racing past time

Fighting through scenes of no reason or rhyme

The bewitching enchantment around you heaves

Grasping with claws that nobody leaves

Beware of the Sandman, my sweet little child

For his dream world monsters are unchained and wild

Their rampage through paradise comes to no end

And the Sandman decides on which paths you will wend

The faces you see in this dream world, my love

Are those of the dead from below and above

It is through their eyes that you see what you're shown

Scenes from Heaven or Hell- these places unknown

The Sandman allows them to seep through your mind

With hopes that to his world their cries will you bind

For his dust is the dust of the dead, my dear one

It is all that remains of the ghosts of those gone

And the dust of the dead will take over your dreams;

No one will hear your maniacal screams

So cover your eyes, little child, as you sleep

As the dusk gives to darkness that over you creeps

Close up your ears to the Sandman's soft voice

As he offers enchantment for your pleasured choice

Beware of his lilting and hushed lullabies

For the dust of the dream world could be your demise