Standing there

Standing there

From a far

Will you ever notice me?

You know me as

A shadow

Watching over you

You come to me when you're scared

Will you ever notice me?

I hold you tight

When someone hurt you

Will you ever notice me?

You hold my hand since we were 5

One day you ask if we could talk

We walk towards the tree

Will you ever notice me…

You say

I saw you for what you are

Did she notice me?

My friend I'm afraid

I take you in my arms

No one will hurt you

You noticed me when I was sad

Did she notice me?

I ask her what she is afraid of

She said losing a friend

I hold her tight

Did she ever notice me?

She looks up at my face

And whispers

I know you noticed me

I think she noticed me

My friend

I think I love you

You noticed me

I took her closer in my arms

I whisper in her ear

You are the only one I have

We noticed each other