The Rabbit Hole


I've been chasing rabbits for too long,

And followed one too many.

For now I'm falling down the rabbit hole

Dizzy and distraught.

Oh, when will it end?


It's a storm of information

And confusion in the form of rain

Falling from the heavens

And drowning me.


Finally, I reach the bottom of the blackest pit,

And the rabbit stands there waiting.

But the illusion's breaking,

And I can see

The rabbit's more than what he claimed.


It's a storm of curiosity

And danger in the form of shadows

Creeping from the rabbit hole

And suffocating me.


He spins a tale of horror;

Twisted plots and shallow lies

Woven in a complex web.

The rabbit seemed so innocent.

But he was a venomous snake all along.


It's a storm of betrayal

And deception in the form of fire

Dancing across my skin

And burning me.


Now I lay forgotten,

Trapped within the serpent's coils

As he whispers of treachery and hate.

"The world is a dark place, my dear.

And there is no escape."


It's a storm of realization

And truth in the form of poison

Flowing through my veins

And killing me.