The room was eerily quiet as he smirked at me, those hypnotic blue eyes taking away my ability to breathe. He took my hand, the action simultaneous with power failure --courtesy of the large storm outside. My eyes couldn't adjust to the darkness of his room, but somehow I knew he was watching me.

He pulled me closer, effectively pulling me onto his bed and beside him. The thunderstorm grew louder outside his window, but I could only hear my pounding heart as he shifted his body over top of mine. My eyes widened with surprise; this was...different.

"U-um… What are you doing?" I asked nervously. I could hear him moving around above me; something hit the floor soon afterward. "Mi-!"

"Shh…" he whispered, his face inches from my own. My breath hitched in my throat as I felt his hands on my shoulders, holding me down. "Don't be afraid."

Before I could respond, his icy lips pressed against my own in a gentle, chaste kiss. I was dazed as his tongue ran along my lower lip, waiting for entrance. I hesitantly obliged, my hands going up to rest on his shoulders.. . .only to realize that he was shirtless. He smiled into the kiss when I gasped, his tongue darting out to dance with mine. His hands trailed down my sides before lifting me upright, never once ceasing his exploration of my mouth. I was so lost in the kiss, savoring every moment with the beautiful male. But when his hands found the hem of my shirt, I made a noise of protest and tried to pull away.

Wrapping his arms around me, he repeated, "Don't be afraid." His voice was soft with an undertone of dominance laced in his words. "It'll be easier like this," he explained, grasping my shirt and pulling it off with ease.

I understood what he meant; my mom had seen the blood on my clothes last time, and I had to make up a story involving spiders and ketchup to placate her. Still, I couldn't help but blush and attempt to hide myself as he laid me back down, laughing slightly at my actions. His lips found mine again, a reassurance before he kissed a burning trail to my exposed throat.

All too suddenly, his fangs pierced my tender flesh, the pain just bearable enough as he began draining me of blood to sate his need. My hands fisted in the bed sheets below as the familiar lightheadedness came along. I could hear it; it sounded like drinking a milkshake through a straw. I saw dark spots before my eyes. My face was surely pale by now. A shiver ran up my spine as his hand trailed down my side, telling me he was almost done. Yet even so, I couldn't help but wonder if he might drink too much one of these nights.

When he'd had enough, the blond vampire licked away the remaining droplets of blood and kissed the wound he'd inflicted. He sighed in contentment and moved beside me, pulling my body closer to his as his protective arms encircled me. He kissed my shoulder, then my neck, and finally claimed my lips. When he pulled away, I could taste the remnants of my own blood.

"Why.. . ." I hesitated, my voice nearly inaudible over the rain outside the open window. "Why do you always kiss me when we.. . .do this?"

I felt his arms tighten around my smaller frame. "Would you rather I didn't?" I blushed, but shook my head. "Heh. Maybe I need more than just your blood."

I froze, eyes wide. What did he just say?

"Maybe," he continued in a thoughtful tone, "maybe I want you to love me."

At that time, I didn't have the courage to tell him I already did. But when I turned around to give him a chaste kiss of my own, I was sure he got the hint.