He slowly walked up to the school gate he placed his hand on the cold paint chipped bar it sent a shiver down his spine but he barely felt it. The butterflies in his stomach were hammering and it felt as though they had quadrupled in number. Sweat crept down his face and he was sure his cheeks were going an intense shade of crimson. He hesitantly moved forward into the school grounds. He felt the course gravel under his feet. The silence of grounds was almost eerie his footsteps echoed for what seemed like an eternity. He looked around at messy unkempt gardens most of the plants looked like an elephant had trodden on them. He saw the well graffitied chairs and tables surrounding him. He edged his head upwards and saw one of the many great looming school buildings, he picked off a bit of the flaking white paint and crumbled it in his fingers. He noticed that nearly every window on this building had a fracture in it and by the crunching of glass under his feet he figured that one had recently been broken. This school was tough he could tell. As he trudged up the grey stone stairs he was thinking how on earth would he survive? He finally came to the huge blue metallic door he pushed on the wood inside the metal frames and entered. Step by step he moved down the corridor the sun shone through the window and onto the wall revealing some brightly coloured drawings and paintings done by students, he abruptly came to a halt in front of them he stared at them for a few seconds to prolong going to his new class. The paintings were abstract and one took his eye more than the others. It had a deep black background with red paint dripping down it almost like blood; suddenly SLAM the door had swung shut the sound reverberated off the walls. He continued down the corridor every now and then he turned his head to look at the doors to the class rooms. He stopped and examined the piece of paper in his hand which was now quivering he saw the number he had to stop his had shaking to read the paper. The number on the page read 13 he tilted his head upwards to the door he was at. The numbers on the door seemed huge they were white on a navy blue background he looked dismayed as he read the number 1 and 3 he had arrived.