A/N: Here's my first story, hope you enjoyed it. Just something that came to me. Some parts based on reality. Review!

Beloved Memories

She watched as her husband drove to the diner and closed her eyes. A lot of things happened since they first met many years ago.

Freshman year of high school: She said, "This year I am NOT going to get caught up with guys." Weeks later, she got many new friends, one of them being a geeky looking boy who was known as a playboy. Yet he cared for her more than any other girls.

She sighed looking at the diner approaching in front of her.

"I'm moving," she announced sadly.
"What? Where are you going?" the boy sitting on the grass beside her asked.
"Cross-country," she whispered as a tear slowly began its journey down her face.
A few weeks later, he asked her to go with him to the semi-formal dance. They went, but after the dance, things changed between them. They barely talked to each other for months.

She smiled at her husband as he opened her door and helped her out.

Last day of freshman year: They were as the diner, saying their goodbyes. She didn't know when she would see him again, but she had hope.

They walked through the parking lot towards the door of the diner which held sad memories.

She started a new school in her new state. Many guys wanted her, but she wanted only one guy. He had her heart in her old home.

"They're here!" Shouts of joy ran through the diner as the couple entered. All of the gang was here, just like last time.

They met up again in college for the first time in three years. He traveled all the way from across the country to be there with her. They never dated anyone else, just waited for each other. After they both graduated with their degrees, he proposed to her and they got married in a beautiful ceremony months later.

The group went and sat at the corner booth, just like so many years before. She glanced over as the loving man who had his arm around her, only to notice that he was looking at her. A dazzling smile graced his face as he mouthed the words, "I love you." She smiled lovingly back at him and placed a hand on her stomach where a bump was forming.

Cries of "Oh my gosh! You're pregnant!" came from their insane friends. Ah yes, everything was still the same: Their caring friends were still as crazy as ever, the diner didn't change, but most importantly their love for each other remained. After ten years, everything was still wonderful.

As she sat there looking at her friends, she realized that her happy ending came true. She had loving friends, an even more loving Prince Charming, and a baby on the way. She leaned over and gave her prince a kiss. Ten years and they were still in love. Ten years of tears and laughter, which created many beloved memories.