Slayer Born

Slayer Born

Sons of Truth

Chapter 6

The next day of school was very hard on Miles. Daydreaming every hour of the day, in every class, was making him look like the class fool. Everyone laughed at him as they passed in the hallways, at lunch, and in the study rooms. Everywhere Miles went, he knew someone was giggling at him.

As the last class began to start, the professor made some announcements. "Now I have a few things to go over before we get started today. First, Miles you are to go down to the Dean's office and see him when you can. You can leave now if you like and I can let him know you are going down to his office." The professor said as he looked at his list of tasks. Miles's heart started to race. He knew it was about the quarterback. He gathered his bags and books and headed down to the office.

When Miles arrived at the Dean's office, his heart jumped again with fear of what might happen. His heart felt as if it jumped into his throat. He knocked on the door and waited of his invite.

"Come in." The Dean answered. Miles walked in and closed the door gently behind him. "Please have a seat Miles. I would like to talk with you about what happened yesterday." The Dean said as he looked at some papers on his desk. Miles was nervous beyond belief. "Now I heard that you were in a fight with Jason the school's quarterback. Would you like to tell me your side of the story?" The Dean asked with understanding of the situation.

"Well I did nothing really. I was heading home through the woods and was tackled by Jason. He and two others both kicked the hell out of me. Here are the bruises that they left behind that prove it." Miles said as he lifted his shirt to reveal the deep black and blues set in his ribs.

"Well now that needs taken care of right away Miles. I will have you go down to the nurse to have they checked for any serious damage. As for Jason and his friends, I will deal with them tomorrow before school. I also would like to know who was with Jason at the time they attacked you." The Dean said.

"I believe it was Mike and Terrence from the football team." Miles mentioned. The Dean knotted and sent Miles on his way.

"Thank you Miles and oh and by the way, we have a new professor here today and will be taking over your chemistry class starting Monday. He said he knows your parents. His room is number one twenty seven. See you tomorrow Miles. Have a good weekend." The Dean said with a smile.

Miles left the office and wondered who this new professor could be. Miles made his way down to the first floor to room one twenty seven to meet this mystery professor. When he found the professor's office, he looked at the name posted on the door. It said "Professor Evenstaff". He couldn't remember of anyone by that name. He never heard his father say about anyone with that name either. Miles knocked on the door and waited.

"Come in." Professor Evenstaff said. Miles walked in and noticed that the professor looked familiar. "Please sit. I have all the time in the world for any conversation. So Mr. Miles Nightfall is it? I was looking forward to meeting you and your brother. It seems it will only be you and me today since your brother said he had some business to tend to. So how is collage life for you?" Professor Evenstaff asked with great interest.

"Well collage life nit the greatest part of my life, but I can manage. By the way, how do you know my parents?" Miles asked.

"I worked with your father many years ago in the downtown police station. We had some interesting days there, fighting off what you can say goes bump in the night. My name is Lukas. I'm sure Jerith told you a lot about me and the others from the police station." Lukas said.

"Yes, father talks about you and his friends all the time. I never thought I would meet you in person. It really is a pleasure. So what have you been doing all these years?" Miles asked.

"I have been a chemistry teacher for sixteen years now. I went for collage classes soon after I left the police department. We all went our separate ways and lost track of each other after a while. I moved out west for my collage training then I just moved back to Fallfield just a couple weeks ago." Lukas mentioned while going through a few papers.

What of Magnar? Do you know where he is?" Miles asked.

"Magnar meet up with an old friend, Crystal, and now are married and have a young daughter. To my calculations she should be about eighteen years old. Last I heard of him, he was down south in the warmer states. He is living in a beach house on the outskirts of Rune River. I haven't heard from him in over a year." Lukas said with a bit of worry behind his words.

"I hope he turns up safe and will talk to you soon. Well I must be off and get my work down so I have the weekend to myself. Father had something planned for Saturday. I will let him know you are in town. Maybe you can stop by later and see my parents. They would love the visit." Miles said as he stood to take his leave.

It was a pleasure meeting you Miles, son of Ivy and Jerith. You look just like your father, but you have your mother's eyes. They brought you up well. I also look forward to meeting your brother soon." Lukas said as he shook Miles's hand.

"You take care Lukas. I look forward to class on Monday." Miles said with a warming smile. Lukas smiled in return and went back to finishing his paperwork. Miles headed for home to tell his father of who is in town.