Author's Note: This is pretty much just a short something or other I spouted out at random. I don't really know if I'll ever expand on it, but whatevs. Feed back is highly appreciated, negative or positive. Just be constructive, if you're going to criticize. :p

Humans are funny little things. They squabble so much; it's a wonder they can get anything done. They should be more like ants, I think. Yes, that might work better. You can have an awfully nice conversation with an ant, if they stay still long enough.

But ants are usually busy creatures, and don't have enough time to talk to someone like me. Which is sad, because it gets lonely sometimes. The humans can't even see me, but I suppose that's a good thing. They'd probably just try and… squash me, or some such. They could see me if they tried! They just… don't.

I sat on top of a light pole, or whatever they called it, and watched their heavy, rolling metal creatures speed down the street. Poor things. It must have been terribly uncomfortable to have humans crammed inside. Maybe I should try talking to one sometime… Hmm.

I perked an elongated ear, and turned my head downward, the baubles and beads and such that I had woven into my hair jingling just a bit as something below me caught my attention.

"Why do you always have to be like that? You always do that!"

I cocked my head to the side, shifting my wings against my back just a bit, as I shuffled my tri-toed feet to lean forward, and downward. My tail wrapped around the post, and I took a hand to my ear, listening in, the other hand steadying me.

"It's not me that does it every time, you know!"

There were two humans squabbling below me. They looked kind of orangey in the light the light-stick gave off. The taller of the two, the male, seemed awfully huffy, and the girl he was fighting with I was sure might blow up any moment.

"It sure seems like it!" She countered.

I saw the first beginnings of hate surround her. It was smoky, and black, and rose off of her shoulders and head in wispy curls. I cooed softly at it, before clapping excitedly. The release of my hands to clap let me fall forward, and I swung down, hanging by my tail and toes. I could almost touch them now, and the black, swirling hate that rose off of the girl was just close enough to tickle my nose.

"How would you know? You don't even pay attention to anything that goes on between us, anymore!" Now he had started to radiate the same inky substance. I giggled, high in my throat, and twiddled fingers in the black aura that radiated from them.

It was cool, and tingly, and left a sort of fuzzy feeling on the tips of my clawed hand. My more human hand just felt… tingly. I licked a finger, and continued to watch them.

"Do you want to know why, Derrick?!" She all but screamed at him, stomping her foot. It was almost pouring off of her now.

"Yes, Amy, please, tell me why you feel you need to neglect our relationship." Sarcasm dripped in his voice. I found a bit of sarcasm added flavor. It was kind of a spicy taste, there on the end, hmm.

"I've… I've been seeing someone else…" Her rage and hate faded, replaced with what I think was regret and guilt. I think that's what it was anyway. I didn't often get to taste it, because what human feels regret these days, but it nevertheless seeped off of her in delicate waves.

Regret and guilt together were nothing like what the hate had been. The hate had been inky black, wispy smoke. This was ringlets of dark blue and some shade of royal purple. It pulsed off her in waves, and the waves hit my face, my shoulders, caught my horns, jingled the baubles in my hair. It was kind of like a cool breeze, or something… mmm, minty maybe.

My long ears drooped just a little. The hate had been so filling. The regret was nice, but sort of like an airy dessert. I sighed, a puff of black something escaping past my pierced lip.

The man was silent for a long time. So quiet, that the girl reached out to touch his shoulder. He jerked back sharply, and glared at her. Ah, anger; something hot and liquid to fill my belly.

I opened my fanged mouth, ready to eat it off of him, but it never came. I huffed, annoyed, the baubles and earrings jingling again, as I looked at him. Be angry! I'm hungry!

Several more long moments passed, and I eventually released the grip on the pole with my tail, flipping and landing somewhere between them. My claws clicked on the concrete as I circled them, fanning my wings irritably. Honestly, he didn't have to keep me waiting!

"Who… who is it?" He asked finally, his voice low. I stopped circling, and stared at him, tail swishing as I waited eagerly. Something orangey came off him; I think it was uncertainty, and uncertainty wasn't even fit for a snack, so I ignored it.

"Nathaniel…" She replied, not looking at him.

There was a spark, some flare of something and for a moment I thought he might strike her, but he didn't. He merely clenched his fist, and radiated red for several long moments. Rage was a bit hot for my tastes, so I waited to see what was next.

She flinched, a spot of fear trailed off her. I caught it with a clawed hand, pinched it between my fingers, and played with it, while waiting for something tastier to come around. Fear was too sour, and I was still hungry.

He calmed eventually, and I think he started weeping. I rolled my cat-eyes at them as they embraced. I wasn't going to get anything tastier from these two.

As I went to the curb to take off, they were talking in weepy voices, apologizing and such. Such fickle, two faced things. They'd walked off by the time I'd flicked the bit of fear away, and spread my wings to take off, but something across the way caught my eye.

A boy was standing there, eyes wide and seeming to stare at… me? Was he staring at me?

I looked to the sobby couple just part way down the sidewalk. Noooo, they were too far for the direction he was looking. Behind me maybe?

I twirled, inspecting the bush and fence at my back. I cocked a brow, my tail swishing curiously. Come, come, now, Xavia… humans can't see you; they're too wrapped up in themselves nowadays. Right?


He was still staring. I tilted my head to one side, and stared back, stroking one of my curved, ridged horns idly, confused. I sort of wanted to cross the street and poke him, but I think it would have been too much effort for too little reward. What would I have done when I got there, anyway?

I stuck my long, thin tongue out at him, and he shrunk back slightly. I laughed, and extended leathery wings, pushing downward once to give me lift and then I was off.

Such confusing, fickle, disgustingly tasty things.