Boys & Coffee

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I fix the waiters' apron around my waist, and run my hands through my messy dark hair which hangs just above my shoulders. I toss some water on my face - which gets into my blue eyes, and straighten out my clothes before I exit the male workers' restroom.

It's eleven o'clock and I slump on the check-out counter as the last load of people are leaving the coffee shop. Trish - the manager, has left me in charge for the night for the very first time ever. Apparently her sister is in labour at the hospital on the other side of the city, so she wanted the night off to go cheer her on. That sounds a bit like she was going to go support a football team, but I'm sure football players have it much easier than this woman who was going to be pushing a baby out of her uterus. I wrinkle my nose at the thought - that just put me completely off from drinking the flat white that sat infront of me!

"Don't forget to lock the storage room when you close up , Noel," Trish said, as she ran around the room of tables and chairs, trying to locate her car keys. "The trash still needs to be thrown out, and also the sugar basket needs to be refilled. I told Thomas to come help you later when he's done out back, so don't forget 'kay." She found them lying next to the espresso machine, having forgotten that she left them there after fixing herself a drink and heading to the back to tell Thomas of the arrangement.

"Sure thing," I say reassuringly, waving to her as she walks out the front door of the shop. I follow up after and close the door, double locking the bolts, then got back to slumping on the counter. However I pick up a wet cup and start drying it off with a ragged towel. I look at the cake display case that was just underneath the glass of the counter and my eyes fix on the chocolate mudcake. It looks so fucking delicious - but oh no! Baby after birth images are running through my head. Shit! stupid sex-ED class. Why did Trish have to tell me about her sister, I so didn't need to know! The only condolence I get from hearing about the pregnant woman was to know that I was into fucking men. Thank god! I mean who really wants all that pregnancy drama?

I am bored out of my freaking mind after cleaning about a zillion cups for what feels like forever - which apparently only turns out to be ten minutes when I look at the digital clock on the register. Where the fuck is Thomas? I'm thinking about how long it really takes just to wipe down a few ovens and stoves at the back, when one side of the white double doors that lead to the kitchen swing inwards and Thomas pokes his head out.

"Hey Noel, where's Trish?" he asks.

"She left a while ago," I reply, looking up for a second.

Thomas was also a high school student, who was studying hospitality and catering - we're about the same age, I'm told, I don't really know since I never actually asked him. Heck, I haven't even barely spoken with him ever since he got hired a few weeks ago to help out in the kitchen. We got different shifts, so we only work together late nights on a Friday. Some of the girls that work here say he's quite charming and are already flaunting themselves infront of him - they were like that with me, until they found out I was gay.

"Perfect!" he exclaims as he walks on over to the cake counter where I was. He still had an apron on and his chef's hat. His mocha coloured hair is messy under the hat and some of it hangs around, framing his face while bringing notice to his very bright green eyes. I guess I can sort of see why the girls are in love with him - he was a bit of eye candy - especially in that apron. I admit, I get easily turned on by men in kinky clothing and uniform - don't judge me!

A mischievous smile crosses his full pink lips, and I see a hint of playfulness reflected in his eyes, as he slides open the glass of the display case. Without giving a second thought to sanitary he reaches in and grabs a slice of the mudcake I had been eyeing all night. Oh no he did not!

"What are you doing?" I ask, eyebrows furrowing and one hand on my hip. I probably look like I was being all bossy and stuff since I was given the right, but no - the asshole took my cake! Yes, my cake! I claimed it the minute I saw it!

"Eating, duh," he replies, rolling his eyes at me as if it wasn't apparent enough.

"They don't pay you to eat them out of business."

He turns to look at me, I notice that he has a little bit of chocolate sauce dabbed on his cheek - I fight my body's urge to go over there and lick it off his face, goddamn homosexual teenage tendencies! "Oh com'n, noone is going to know that a little bit of cake is missing," he says, sucking the melted chocolate off his fingers, making that disgusting smacking sound. My eyebrows are still dropped at the center of my forehead and he sighs before turning back to the display case and begins to fiddle around in there.

I put the cup I was cleaning on the back counter and go stand next to him - still looking at the brown smudge on his face.

"How's that?" He asks proudly, as I peered into the case and see that he had moved the other cake pieces closer so that the circular shape was reformed. It looked a little odd to me but I guess it could easily be overlooked - until the light hits the cabinet in a particular way and shadows the fingerprint indents in the chocolate icing.

"It'll do I guess," I reply. He started licking his fingers again and I remind myself not to eat the mudcake in the display case as Thomas had touched all the pieces with his bare, licked, hands. That was just plain nasty.

Ok, to be honest I think I'd still eat the damn cake even if he had his germ infested hands on it, but I'm too much of a goody-two-shoes to eat it without permission, alright! That's just how I roll.

Thomas then picks up two glass cups that I just dried off and poured some of the chocmint syrup into them from the milkshake ingredients rack (shakes are easy to make like the coffees, so we keep them behind the cake counter). I snatch it off him - I mean I just fucking cleaned the cups and he's dirtying it with his shit!

"What are you doing?" He asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" I ask back, emphasizing the 'you', holding the syrup bottle behind my back. "I just finished cleaning those." I indicate towards the cups with a flick of my chin.

He laughs, tossing his wild brown hair out of his eyes. "Geez, someone's a bit uptight," he says, grinning from ear to ear, as he came closer to me and throws an arm around my shoulders - in a friendly manner. "They're already dirty, so why not just let me finish making some shakes, whaddya say? I make some pretty damn good shakes you know."

I think for a moment - well trying to anyway, not with his fingers dancing around the collar of my shirt and distracting me. He did have a point, the glasses were already filled with brown syrup, so it would just be a waste to get rid of it. I let out a defeated sigh and hand the bottle back to him - purposely knocking him in the chest. "We're only having milkshakes alright, then it's back to cleaning," I state.

He chuckles and I feel his breath run down my neck as he says, "Thanks". For some reason my ears started turning red and I was thankful that my hair was long enough to cover them.

He began pouring in the milk and mixing it up in the milkshake shaker thingy that was there. He put a mountain of whip cream on the top and handed me one of the glasses. I take a small sip and there is this orgasmic explosion in my mouth - the flavour was unbelievable! The chocmint milkshake was great! He definitely wasn't lying when he said he could make a good shake.

"This is good," I compliment, helping myself to the entire drink. "Really good!"

His smile widens. "Thanks. The trick is to crush some extra mint leaves into it, because the syrup is just too sweet, so it creates this balanced taste. I learnt that off my boyfriend."

My ears twitch and I look at his face for clarity. Did he just say boyfriend?

"So... you like guys?" I ask, an eyebrow raised.

Thomas looks back at me as if to see whether he heard me right. "Yeah, I like guys," he replies like it was nothing. I mean it is nothing out of the ordinary - but usually people aren't that straight forward about it. At least I'm not - I don't just tell someone I barely know that I enjoy sucking cock - who does that? Oh, right, Thomas just did. Forget it then. Yet somehow knowing he likes guys made him jump ten spots on the hotness radar. I think about how disappointed the females workers were going to be when they heard about this.

Thomas puts down his glass and hops-up to sit on the counter top, right next to where I was standing. "What about you?" He asks, with a curious grin on his face.

I looked up into his shiny eyes, and for no apparent reason I feel my face flushing. "Why should I tell you?" I retort, staring at my feet, so he couldn't see my face. Then I feel a hand gently stroke my cheek so I look at up at him to see what the hell he was doing to me. He has this mischievous look in his eyes and my body shudders at his soothing touch. There was just something about the way he was looking at me that lets me know that he got the answer he was looking for.

"If you say you play for my team, then I wouldn't mind tapping that right now," he replies playfully, and I feel him drawing my face closer to his own and I couldn't help but stare at his plump lips and imagine how they would feel pressed up against my own. His suggestion leads me to think about how his arms would feel wrapped around me, or how the texture of his skin would feel against my own, and how big his coc- No, bad thoughts be gone - the boy is playing with you just because he subtly picked up that you fuck men for a good time!

I pull myself away and back-up against the opposite counter with my back to the espresso machine. I mentally slap myself in the forehead and quietly curse - for a second there I was actually thinking about letting him ravage me right here - behind the counter - in this coffee shop. How so unromantic am I?! Fuck. Maybe it's just been too long since I've got laid? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

I glance up at him when I hear Thomas laugh. "Noel, you're so cute," he says having seen my reaction - dear god, he is playing with me! That cocky asswipe! He pulls off his chef's hat and runs a hand through his hair. Still with that mischievous smile on his lips, he jumps off the counter and within only a few steps I find myself caught between the back counter and him - who is surprisingly taller than me by a lot. I'm now staring at his face which is just within inches of my own and I battle my lips' urge to go and pin themselves against his' perfectly shaped ones.

"You got a little something over there," he says, grinning, as he puts a finger to my lower lip at where a bit of whip cream from the shakes we had earlier was present. He leans in closer, his tongue now hanging out of his mouth as it flicks gently at the whip cream. He withdraws his tongue and it slowly licks the side of his mouth - seductively. What unbelievable confidence! My face involuntarily goes red again and I jerk backwards.

However as I do so I knock into the espresso machine and a stream of dark, hot-hot-hot liquid pours out and seeps into the back of my shirt. I give out a sudden yelp, followed by a string of unpleasant words that would send me straight to hell if being gay wasn't already a sin - said my priest, and push him out of the way as the liquid burns the skin under my clothes. Some tears spring to my eyes as the scorching pain deepens and I try to claw at it - the clawing doesn't help and I start whimpering against the counter. It fucking hurts!

"Calm down," he instructs, as I feel a hand start pulling my tucked shirt from out of my pants. "It'll burn if you don't cool it off," he adds, and I turn my head to see that he is kneeling down behind me, a hand against my hip, and his head leveled at where the burn is. I'm about to say something in protest of what I think he's about to do, but he does it anyway - I feel his smooth, wet tongue licking gently at the coffee patch just above my butt. It makes my cheeks clench - and I don't mean the ones on my face. His tongue is warm - which doesn't help with cooling the area - and I instantly forget about the pain. Only thoughts about his tongue touching me elsewhere plays on my mind. Have I really gone that long without sex?! Three months is long? Fuck, yes!

My knees start feeling weak and I have to hold myself up by placing both arms on the counter top to keep myself steady. He's been down behind me for a while, but then I feel a wet trail climbing my back and I grunt when his hand reaches infront of me and starts pulling at the buttons of my shirt in order to loosen it. His hands are very smooth - not as in the texture or anything, just the way they move. I think if his hands were people, it'll be like having three really hot guys feeling me up - but with normal hands because - like his hands are sexy as three guys so - and - argh! Fuck it! I can't think when his fingers are drawing circles around my nipples! He's making them go hard and I'm cringing at the sensitivity of my skin to his cold touch. My brain is yelling 'Don't touch me! Don't touch me!', while the growing bulge in my pants is crying 'Go baby! Go!' - stupid, useless body parts! Alright no, they're not stupid, I love both of them - but, right now - they're just - just - Holy crap! Since when were my lips grinding against his?!

I've now got my back to the counter, and Thomas' tongue is exploring the inside of my mouth with sheer ferocity - like he's going to find gold in there or something. He doesn't find any at the back of my throat of course - but I sure find a bit of the mudcake he had earlier in his mouth. Gross - it's all mushy and stuff! Shit. I swallowed it, it's still rich and sweet and that is kind of vile. Though his lips are also sweet and he tastes just like the chocmint milkshakes we had earlier.

He pulls his mouth away, and my lips pout in annoyance, but he places them against my neck and I feel all better again - like someone gave me a hit of Prozac. Damn, this guy knows how to use his tongue! His mouth is sucking like a vacuum over the dip just above my collarbone and I grunt when his teeth rub against the clavicle. After making a red mark over there he moves to a new spot on the other side of my neck and begins the suction process all over again - as if he was putting up flags and claiming my body as Thomasland. Asshole. Damn straight I can call him names while he lands massive hickies down my neck!

The leg he has between mine starts slowly rubbing up and down against my inner thigh and the bulge in my pants starts demanding it wants out. I tell it to stay down and shut up if it doesn't want to get castrated - my bluff doesn't work and I start groaning unwillingly when my underwear starts constricting me. Oh shit. Shit. Shit!

"Want to come?" He asks, whispering into my ear - taking a break from arrogating my neck and is now nibbling an earlobe.

"Uh-N-o," I reply unconvincingly, wincing from the ticklish sensation running through me.

He snorts and his hand goes down to fondle me between the legs. "Doesn't feel like that to me," he says in a very obnoxious manner. His grip tightens around my balls and I yelp again.

"S-Stop it!" I hiss, through heavy breaths and gasps. "Shi-it I'm-uh!"

He chuckles - evilly. Thomas drops to his knees again, his hands tickling my sides as they follow my form down to my hips, where they reach underneath the apron around my waist and fumble with the zipper of my inhibiting pants. My pants drop to the floor in seconds, and I feel cold fingers snap around the elastic of my boxer briefs. The lump in my underwear yells to Thomas to take its captor away and set me free! He does just that and my underwear soon meets my pants on the floor.

I bring a finger to my mouth and bite down on it when I feel his hands fall to the area just under my butt and holds onto it firmly. Tossing the apron aside, he draws his face to my obvious erection and starts by kissing the head, then running his tongue along the length, before teething around the base. He continues to use his godly tongue on my privates - enticing me to release. I hear him laugh through his nose when my body shakes with the anticipation. Stop playing with me fucking - loser - jerk!

Not another second later, he takes my whole length into his mouth and draws on it with surprising courtesy - I mean I figured he was the type to just suck my dick clean off. I'm pounding at the back of his throat, hands now gripping the hair on his head, legs losing the energy to stand - so I'm damn glad he's practically holding me up, and I finally let go. I pour into his mouth by what feels like the gallon full and he takes it all in - swallowing at given intervals until I can't shoot anymore. I let out a cry during the most heightened part of the release, and I fall back onto the counter panting. I so fucking needed that!

I feel his warming hands wiping me clean and I can't help but glance down at him. He looks up and I see a smirk on his face. Thomas brings his cum covered hand to his mouth and starts licking it clean - very slowly. Oh my god! That's so sexy! I'm getting even more turned on by him - damn!

He dries the last of his hand on his apron and comes up for another attacking of my mouth. I bite down on his bottom lip, making it turn purple, and he recoils at the feel of my teeth sinking into him. We stand there, just going at each other's faces, before my hands come between us and I push him away. He gives me a confused look.

I take a few moments to catch my breath. "I play for your team," I simply say - turning away from sheer embarrassment of the words that just left my mouth. I can't believe I just said that!

He doesn't respond straight away, so I have to turn back. Thomas has an eyebrow raised in a 'what are you on about?' way, so I roll my eyes around slowly to respond with 'you know...'. He still looks at me like he has no idea what I'm implying, until it all of a sudden clicks, and his mind functions again like clockwork. A smile floods his face as he draws himself closer to nuzzle the side of my neck - less savage then before.

"You sure?" He asks, lips pressed to my neck, hands fondling the dimples above my ass. Did he have to ask?! Aw, now I'm going completely red! I nod against the side of his face and he chuckles into the area where my neck joins my shoulder.

My arms go around his neck and I clutch his mocha coloured hair. This time I initiate the messy kissing. His arms holds me as we stumble and fumble our way through the double doors into the kitchen in a tangled mess - first my legs are here, then now they're there, and somehow they've managed to wrap themselves around his waist and he's the only one left to blindly guide us into the room safely. He failed miserably when I end up slamming my head against a wall - but I didn't make a big deal of it incase my lips lose valuable Thomas mouth theft time. The boy was an amazing kisser - he's making my tongue orgasm!

He puts me down on the large table in the middle of the kitchen so that I'm sitting with my legs dangling over the edge. The shiny metal surface is cool under my naked rear and I shift around on it awkwardly, knocking a few of the instruments that were on it onto the floor - clearly, someone wasn't doing his job in the kitchen. I notice him looking at a particular bit of equipment and my gut twists. Thomas picks up the whisk and strokes it with his hands. There is a very sinister look on his face as he looks at the enormously large cooking utensil then to the spot between my legs. We exchange glances.

"If you bring that anywhere near me, I swear I will rip your balls off," I growl, glaring potentially lethal daggers at him. He laughs and drops the whisk, before leaning against the edge of the table - supported by his arms, and we continue our mouth to mouth sucking.

We both refuse to separate our tongues and lips, and I feel him slip into position between my parted legs. One of his hands is gently massaging my thigh while the other goes to undo his pants - he doesn't take off the apron which sends my hormones into overdrive. The apron is part of the appeal!

Before he slides his pants off, I hold a hand up to his mouth to stop the tongue wrestling. He seems a little frustrated with me, but cocks his head to one side to see what the matter is now.

"Do you have - protection or something?" I ask. Yeah, I know - I'm such a mood killer! But you can go hang yourself if you think I'm going to risk an STI for a fuck! Sex-ED has taught me better.

He pushes my hand away and goes to press his lips against my cheek as he says, "I'm clean." I snort.

He tries to enter my mouth again, but I turn away stubbornly. Thomas ruffles his hair and huffs, as he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a little plastic packet. He tosses it next to me. He had a condom on him after all - the fucker. I'm surprised he even brings one with him to work - what a demon!

I perk up and the mouth ravaging continues. His pants come off and he throws them on the table next to me. My hands reach down to his waist and I slip them into his boxers and let them explore his nether-region - the boy is definitely well endowed. Very well endowed and I think I might faint if I keep imagine it shoving into my ass.

His lustful groans are all I need to know that my hands are pushing the right buttons - or should I say pulling. I scoot back on the table and he comes to join me - on all fours. His mouth starts skimming down my neck and I feel his teeth biting and twisting my nipples and I curl against his body in compliance - the sensation is blood curdling, but I'm getting so fucking hot and bothered I don't care! His hand starts fumbling with something to his left, but I can barely open my eyes to see what he's doing. However when I do, I see a can of whip cream with him and he squeezes some of it out and rubs it between his fingers. I throw him an unsure look and he laughs, nuzzling my neck.

Thomas brings his creamed fingers to my mouth and I suck on them - the sweet fluffy texture dissolving and pleasing my tastebuds. He slides his fingers out of my mouth and leans over to lick the excess cream off my lips, before letting his tongue drop saliva all over his index and middle fingers - creating this sticky foamy white substance that drips down his hand. He's doing it very slowly again and I feel myself getting hard.

My body tenses when his fingers enter me - one at a time. "Relax," he whispers coolly, laughing through his nose, when I cringe as he forces the third finger inside. He kisses my forehead tenderly as I ravage his jawline - he has a very sexy jawline. My hand goes to stroke his chiseled abs under his shirt and tease the skin around his nipples, as he continues to digitally penetrate me - taking his sweetass time. Like I said before, he has smooth hands, so I loosen up really quickly - but now I'm getting impatient about him taking too long! I want to fuck and I want to now! Damn me for being young and horny!

My hands search the table for the condom and I find it almost instantly. I bring the packet to my lips and tear at it - exposing the rubber. Thomas takes it from me and slips it under his apron and over his erection that's poking out through the fabric. I spit into my hands and stroke his stiffness gently, making sure that it's super slippery and lubricated. He grins as I do and softly kisses the side of my face. For some reason, the small sentiment in the kiss makes me blush like crazy.

I prop myself up on an elbow, my other hand holding the side of his face and drawing him in for a smooch - adrenaline running through me in the anticipation for what is to come. Thomas pushes my legs apart with a bit of force and places one hand around my hip and the other behind my bent leg. His body slowly comes towards me and I feel his complete erection asking for permission to enter. It slips in and in no time I feel him alive and throbbing inside me as he slowly starts thrusting in and out. Thomas' lustful groans ring in my ears with every thrust he takes. He soon starts picking up the pace and I end up clawing into his back as his gargantuan cock hammers into me. It still manages to hurt despite all the whip cream and saliva. I bite down on the flesh of his shoulder as my ass gets a pounding - where the hell is his sense of delicate tact?!

Tears form in my eyes as I whimper softly into his shirt, as he continues to tear my ass apart - but at the same time he manages to drive with pleasure, and I can't help but cry out for more. More. More! I arch and move rhythmically with him when we get it together - the initial pain now gone, and all that's left is just pure intimate lust. Waves of pleasure run through my body every single time he hits that sweet, sweet spot and I moan and groan the more. His hand travels from my leg to my erection and holds onto it firmly - pumping it in sync with his hip movements. My body tenses as I have to let go again for the second time tonight and I muffle my calls by sucking on the lump in his throat - accidentally biting on it. Unfortunately I come all over his apron. He groans when my butt clenches from the release, forcing him to his climax. My whole body blushes when he lets out his last cry.

Thomas collapses over me, pulling himself out when he goes limp, before flopping down beside me. I move a bit to the side to put my head to rest on his arm and gaze into his heated face. I feel his hand come to brush below my eye and wipe away a tear that his massive cock had caused. I pull his face in for an affectionate kiss - and I stop thinking about how sore my ass was going to be tomorrow.

"How was it?" He asks, getting up, picking his pants and boxers off the floor and wiping his hand on the front of his already stained apron. I sit up on the table and fix my shirt, since my pants were left behind at the counter near the cake display.

I think about it for a moment before replying. "Not bad, but I think I'll need another test run."

We both laugh and he comes to place himself between my legs like he had done before. "Someone needs a fuck-buddy," he says teasingly, coming in for another kiss.

"Are you offering?" I ask equally as playful, my arms encircling around his neck.

He looks thoughtful, and I can't help but smile while I look into his green eyes - I'm beginning to think that maybe he'd still be sexy without the apron. He smiles back, tossing his mocha coloured hair out of his face. "Only if you don't tell my boyfriend - or Trish." We joke and just innocently make-out for awhile before seriously thinking about cleaning ourselves off and getting back to closing up the shop. Much to both of our disappointments. Me especially - it's been barely a few minutes since we last kissed and I'm already lusting for his sugar lips.

I toss the shop keys in my hands and Thomas easily snatches it straight out of the air. The coffee shop is locked up for the night and the both of us are finally heading home.

We break from one last kiss outside the shop and he turns to me and asks, "Your place or mine?" What a man-whore.

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