Jason –

Have you ever wondered to yourself if there's somebody out there in the world, waiting for you? If you're the thing that someone needs to be free? If you can be loved? I've wondered that. I've watched the people I thought I loved come and go, because they weren't really meant for me. I wasn't meant for them.

I finally discovered who the one person out there is for me. I didn't know it before, and I don't even remember these things happening so fast, but one day you were just my friend, and the next, I saw you were the one for me. I know you won't ever think of me the way I see you now, because of that girl you're dating. She's not meant for you. She doesn't love you as much as I can. She's never fallen as hard as me for you.

But you don't know that. You see her as your one and only, and because that's what you want to see, that's all you can see. And all that I can see is you, chasing after this girl like a lovesick puppy, and this girl who doesn't care about you. You feel like you don't matter to her sometimes, don't you? That's because you don't. She doesn't love you. Not the way a pure heart can. My heart.

You knew she was a slut when you started dating her three weeks back. You thought you could change her. But you can't change the way a person is. You can't change Lindsay, even if you wanted to. You couldn't make her love you if you tried. And I can't do that either. I can't change who you are. You're the guy who all the girls love. You're the guy that turns down the special ones to be with the popular ones. I can't change you to make you see when somebody else loves you.

I'm going to act like nothing's wrong tomorrow. All you'll be able to see is the girl you've been best friends with forever, with nothing different about her. But maybe now you'll see the difference that is there…The one that says "I'm in love with you" instead of "You're my best bud". And all I'll be able to see is the boy I've been friends with from the start try to ignore what he can't hide.

What I'm saying, Jason, is that I'm blind now. I can't see because of what you're doing to me. You made me fall in love with you, and now there's no one that can help. No one but you. Jason, even thought I'm blinded…

You're all that I can see.