Everything was dizzy.

The flames blurred in her vision and made it impossible to see. She could hear screams whip in her ears, growing louder and softer and some particular ones ceasing altogether. The

blood pumped throughout her direly, desperately, hoping and praying for the body it resided in to continue living. To survive. An indecipherable shape appeared on the wall, the

shadow stretching comically. Footsteps were heard as if cymbols (sp?) were banging in her ears, but she knew that they had to have been inaudible compared to the fire.

The fumes blurred her vision before she could see what it was. As she inhaled, taking steps back, she felt dizzier... and dizzier...

The last thing she could remember was the flames close enough for her to touch. She collapsed to the ground silently.

-Sofia's Point of View

The soft crunches of snow beneath Sofia's feet left tracks miles behind from the Blackwood Estate, and in the distance stood a burning house, and the faded sign of 'St. Mary's

Orphanage'. She looked to see a figure lying beside the wall which was barely surviving due to the fire. There had been a terrible blizzard the night before, how could such a big fire

submerge with such cold weather? Sofia pushed open the gate and swiftly knelt by the girl's side. The girl was unconscious and not breathing well; the fumes were like a heavy fog

and were prominent even from meters away. Her hair was brown and damp from the snow; snowflakes resided innocently, unaware of the scene around it. Sighing, Sofia took the

arm of the young girl, and threw her gently over her shoulder. 'Tristan is going to kill me for this!' she thought, as she ran at a quick speed toward the towering black Estate in the