"AHHH!" screamed Eva as she scrambled to hide behind the furniture behind the tub.

'Just WHAT do you think you're doing?!" She screamed at the intruder who just looked at her in panic, and slapped his hand over his face.

"TRISTAN!" she yelled at him once more

'WHAT!" he screamed back, his hand still over his eyes.

"Why are you in here?" she asked, irritably.

"Sofia asked me to get you for lunch!" he yelled back while still standing at the broken doorway.

As she tried to get up, she felt a sudden pain in her ankle, and she sank slowly back down to the floor.

"Gods, women what have you managed to do now?" he asked while feeling around for the towel rack.

"Nothing, I just slipped, and obviously hurt my ankle while doing so."

"You are such a klutz," He reached toward her while she got up and she screamed again.


At this, Sofia walked though the hallway, and said to what she could make out to what was happening in the next room 'what are they having hot monkey sex or something?'

At that, Tristan burst out laughing and called Sofia to him, as Eva attempted to cover her body more, completely humiliated, though it was only one of her first days at the manor. "She broke her ankle," he explained to his sister, and Sofia grimaced, taking a step closer to Eva.

"AH!" Eva screeched. "CAN I PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON?"

Sofia snickered. "Did you even bring any clothes in here?"

Eva paused from the melodramatic expression of pain she was giving due to her ankle to stare at Sofia with an utterly blank look.

"No," she said, after a pause. "I don't believe I remembered my clothes."

Sofia's eyes lit up as she retreated from where she was initially approaching Eva.

"I'll get you... something," she promised. "We do have to go to the castle tonight for dinner anyway, so it's for the best... and... I do own some marvelous..."

Sofia stalked off, muttering to herself, while Eva's eyes had widened at the prospect of a castle. She turned to Tristan, who was now alone and rubbing his neck rather uncomfortably.

"There's a castle?" Eva asked incredulously. "On top of this?"

Tristan chuckled; there had never before been a guest that was unaware of every splendor and accomplishment of the family, and now getting one was, to say the least, rather intriguing to him.

"Yes," he replied, as Eva repositioned herself so her back was to the tub's edge. "The manor is for the servants. It is a little overdone, but..." He smirked. "I don't think they mind."

"Well, hell no," she said obviously. "Who would?"

"The servants don't exactly have the greatest rooms though, the conditions of the maid quarters aren't exactly what you would call luxury," he said while looking at her

"Quit staring!" she said pulling the towel down her thighs, but as she pulled it down the top came down slightly farther, so she tugged that up as well. I just can't win she thought as she rolled her eyes at Tristan who was eyeing her body like a piece of meat

"I wasn't staring!" he retorted back while leaning against the wall

"Oh really?," Sofia retorted, while holding clothes in her left palm and shoved them into Eva's palm "You'd look at anything with two legs and thats female"

Tristan rolled his eyes and left the room muttering something incoherent.

"Don't worry about him, its even worse being his twin and having to put up with him." Sofia said while Eva got dressed behind the cabinet by the tub

Eva walked out in front of Sofia and looked down at herself

"They're a little big, but they're going to have to do until we go get some clothes for you."

"You don't-"

"No, really don't worry about it. We have loads of money, and we never get to spend too much of it due to Jayce..who is so frugal it isn't even funny."

"Then how will I be able to get clothes?"

"Oh either I'll sweet talk Jayce into letting me get you clothes...or Tristan will threaten Jayce into doing it. It works either way," Sofia said with a shrug

"...And thats normal for you guys," Eva said with a look of disbelief on her face

"..Well yeah, I mean at times we fight and hate each-other...but at other times we get along."

"Oh." Eva sighed. She couldn't even relate to what Sofia was saying. She knew what she was talking about...but she never had any family that she knew about other than her mother. She didn't know who her father was..or even if she had any siblings.

"We'll find them," Sofia said softly as she looked at the expression on Eva's face "your family is out there somewhere Eva and I can tell you right now, even if it is one of our enemies we will help you find your way back."

Eva looked up at her and looked as if she was thinking too hard "..I never really thought about my family. It always seemed to be me. No mother, no father, you know? It's..weird thinking of having a big family...or even a family at all"

"SOFIA GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS UP HERE!" Tristan bellowed from the top of the stairway to the castle.

"Well..I guess it's time for you to meet my parents." said Sofia which caused Eva to have some sort of horror expression on her face.

"It's fine! Really, they're not major assholes like Tristan is."

At that, Eva relaxed a little as they made there way out of the bathroom and to the stairwell.