I'm skinny, so I have to be anorexic,

I'm pretty, so I must like guys,

I'm tall, so I must be confident,

I'm a girl, so I have to like make-up,

I'm a tomboy, so I must be lesbo,

I worry for my friends, so I'm going to be easy to pick on,

I'm smart, so I must be geeky,

I like writing, so I must be a nerd,

I'm weird and proud, so I must be stupid,

I love wolves, so I must be un-religious,

I'm a teen, so I must be depressed.

Why am I labeled?

It hurts, maybe I'm not like that,

Maybe I'm funny,

And kind,

And animal-loving…

Maybe I just don't understand love,

Maybe being weird is good,

Maybe writing is my passion,

Maybe I like shorts

So what?

I am not a toy,

Or a can,

I am not something you have to name.

Maybe I am just me,

The girl with a fire in her eyes,

Someone willing to defend her friends,

I am Killian.