They say a mother's love is like a rose

That with each passing day, it always grows

Her touch is like the midnight sun

Her smile aligns the stars as one

She is always there to dry your tears

With gentle words, she calms your fears

She does so much, yet asks for so little

Like a fire in the night, her warmth rekindles

No matter what, her time she'll spare

When everyone leaves you, she'll always be there

Like a shimmering rainbow after the rain

Her presence surrounds you, and heals all your pain

There is a woman I know

Who is all that and more

An angel on earth

A love worth fighting for

No matter what's happened

She's stood by my side

Blood is never thicker than water

Though many deny

If I could walk in the garden

I would pick her a rose

For she has brought so much light

Even more than she knows

And even though the distance

May keep us apart

Know that you'll always be a mom to me

And locked deep in this heart

-Written for someone who will always be a mom to me. Review, if you want to. I just wanted to throw this out, and share it with anyone who can relate.