The Dream! The dream went like this: There was the man with the same pepper brown hair sitting beside what looked like a warm fire in a craft made arm chair. And on the floor beside him was his white snow leopard. It was lying down as if worn out from exhaustion. The man looked tired and bruised. A big cut was across his face and he had a black eye and many more minor bruises all over himself. I figured something terrible must have happened to him. He sat there as quiet as a mouse in pure silence. His deep gray eyes were watery and were starting to swell up. His white leopard also laid in silence. They were in what seemed like a little wooden cottage and the only lights in it were the glaring fire and a few candles lit around the room. The windows were covered in piles of snow for he had traveled to a different world. He looked down at his hands with shame. He felt terrible now. And he felt worried most of all. "What will the Alkron do to me?" He muttered to himself in a scared tone. Then the leopard replied "Well it can't be anything good now can it?" There is no time for joking around, Lynette." The man looked down at his leopard with an evil glare. "I am sorry Sir Charles, it is that just everything seems so dark and every once and awhile it is nice to have some fun for once." replied Lynette. "We are in serious trouble said Sir Charles. You never know what could happen if Alkron gets so angry. If he finds us we are dead. And now I am just unsure of what to do. I have no plan and no confidence whatsoever… so please just work with me here" he said to Lynette. "I understand sir she replied quietly." But we can still kill the boy" Lynette muttered. We do not need Crispin to do that." We do to need Crispin" Sir Charles said to Lynette. "Alkron sent Crispin and me to fulfill the task so it shall be Crispin and I that shall fulfill it" he said sharply. Lynette got up now and looked around the room. And soon she was walking around the room in circles. And then she asked "How much longer do you think we will have to stay here?" Then with hesitation Charles said "I have no idea. "We have no other place to go to so we will be stuck here for awhile. He looked down with shame. Where do you think Crispin went?" asked Charles. Do you feel his presence anywhere?" "Yes he is closer to us but still not in this world." said Lynette. He cures and looked down in shame. And then he decided there was nothing else for him to do but rest. But as a kick shook the door open Sir Charles was in deep trouble. He quickly got up and grabbed a dagger from his pocket. Lynette now showed her gleaming teeth and growled at the unwelcome men. The first man had an eagle on his shoulder that came down and swooped at Lynette. She dodged and lunged at the eagle trying to fit the eagle in her wide mouth. The man with the eagle had a gun pointed at Charles. Charles stood there with nothing but a dagger. Then more men came in. One man with a tiger, another with a bird, and one more with a snake. The tiger fought Lynette as Charles fought the owner of the eagle. The snake slithered around trying to get directly underneath Lynette and delve her poisonous teeth into her belly. But right when the snake managed to get under un- noticed Lynette jumped to the right as the snakes mouth opened in mid air. The snake slithered around trying to get to Lynette once more. It hissed furiously.They all had guns pointed at him. He was hopeless and was about to surrender before Lynette lunged high in the air at the men who were so surprised they didn't pull the trigger of their guns. She bit them and scratched at them until the tiger came in and wiped her away with his paw. Lynette now fell to the floor panting. Help" she called out to Charles in a most desperate and feminine voice. Charles quickly came over deeply wounded and fell to the floor saying kind words to Lynette. He rubbed her belly to comfort her as a owner would do to a dog. Lynette and Charles were in a terrible state. They felt hopeless. And then everything went dizzy for them and they both fainted.