Chapter one: Bad first impressions

A/N: This is my first story, I hope you like it as much as I don't. xD! It isn't all that great at all, but don't bash it too much!


A tall male with pale skin and bright purple and black hair walks quietly down a dark alley way towards the old apartment building at the end. His large blue eyes scan his surroundings as if looking for something or someone in the seemingly endless darkness. His name, Damian Black. (Weird, right? Well yeah just a little. Damian is a sophmore in his high school and not the most popular. He is more of an artist the anything else. Then one night when he leaves his apartment for a quick stop at the gas station, to get a few things for his aunt, he encounters someone or something that will change him and his life forever…. Well at least for the time being.)


The slightly short (about 5'4") pale teen stands at the cash register quietly waiting for the cashier to mark his items. His black hood covering most of his face. His hands hidden in his pockets. The large design of a Chinese carp, across the front of the black semi-faded hoodie, seemingly 3-D. He is standing behind a tall tan man with large red spiked hair and an organization XIII cloak. Damian can't help but to glance at him a few times, trying desperately not to look obvious about it, he had never seen a cosplayer in his life. His large blue eyes look back at the man who is now grinning at the cashier. After a few seconds the man and cashier turn to him, both with large grins on their faces. Damian blushes and looks away quickly, causing both males to laugh. Damian blushes even more and reverts his gaze to his rainbow striped shoes with small stars covering them. He hears the two talk again, and then hears the bell of the gas station door ring.

Damian looks up from his shoes to see the cashier smiling back at him. He blushes slightly again and steps forward.

"Hey there." The cashier says to him as he hands him a few of boxes of pudding and a box of malt-o-meal.

Damian blushes at the expression the cashier makes at the box of malt-o-meal. Then his blue eyes wander aimlessly over the male's blonde hair with brown highlights streaking down it. Then his attention is snapped back to hear the cashier say excuse me.

"Huh?" Damian mutters stupidly.

The cashier grins at him showing off some bright white teeth. "I said that would be 3.96."

Damian blushes as he pulls a five from his pocket, handing it to the blonde.

The cashier takes it and hands him his change and bag of things. "Come back soon." He says winking at him.

Damian blushes and walks out, still feeling the cashier's eyes on him.

Slowly he makes his way back to his aunt's old apartment, a few blocks away. The silence ever apparent around him. Almost eerie. Nothing but shadows and a few lights of passing cars.

He takes in a small breath as a small shadow passes in front of him. He quickens his pace slightly, the plastic bag ruffling against the wind. He stumbles through a few small alleys before he reaches the kiddy park of one of the fancier apartment buildings. Sitting down on one of the swings, he lets out a small sigh. The wind picking up because of the lack of cover the buildings offer. He shivers slightly, rubbing his arms, still holding the bag in his left hand.

A few leaves rustle quietly a few feet away on the side walk. Some twist and turns in the air with the wind, creating small tornados across the grass towards him.

Damian pulls his hood back, revealing bright purple and black hair that blows into his eyes with a strong gust of wind. The bag in his hands rustles loudly against its contents. He curses to himself quietly, standing and moving so his back is facing the wind.

The wind seems to pick up and the leaves twirl with more speed, catching some dirt, grass, and sand from the small sand box in the corner of the play ground near the side walk. The small tornado twisting quickly towards him, without him noticing.

Damian shivers and looks up, his eyes widening seeing the small tornado like thing swirl towards with smooth and quick speed. He steps back just as the small tornado grows double its size, to about 6 feet. He watches it come closer every passing second. He covers his face with his arms as sticks and some dirt fly at him. After a few minutes and no impact comes he slowly opens his eyes, moving away his arms from his face. Soft baby blue eyes fall on a tall male figure standing a few feet away, where the accumulating tornado had stopped. He blinks stupidly not removing his completely confused gaze.

The male's long black hair falls gently over his shoulders. He is wearing a long black gothic looking trench coat, covered in buckles and studs. His eyes are not visible from under his long bangs. A defiant smirk plastered on his chalky white skin.

Damian shivers at the large menacing smirk, almost dropping the plastic gas station bag. He backs up again, almost falling over the wood boarder around the swing set.

The dark figure's smirk only darkens. Slowly he steps around the swing that Damian was once sitting on and moving to the frail boy in front of him.

Damian watches him in almost horror as he comes closer, crimson red eyes flashing against his pitch black hair. His blue eyes widen as they meet the crimson ones hesitantly. Something in Damian's mind shuts off and he stands there motionless. The functioning side of his mind screaming at him to get away. The bag slowly falls from his hand and lands with a small thud and rustle onto the small rocks of the swing set.

The male bears his large canines at him, in an almost mocking manner.

Damian's baby blue eyes fog over and his legs give in under him, but he's caught before he hits the ground. His eyes never leave those of the large pale man.

The male wraps his arm around Damian's waist and sweeps the other under him against the back of his knees, then picks him up bridal-style. Turning on his heels he walks towards the more heavily wooded area of the park. (Okay this is what's up, yes the park is by a bunch of apartments and yes it is a small park but behind the park is a heavily wooded area like a small forest. Technically it leads to the outskirts of town. Okay? I hope you understood that. so if you are confused just leave me a review about it and I'll try and explain it more in an entire chapter of the city and his aunt and stuffers.)

After walking for a few minutes he stands Damian down under twin oak trees that look like they're rotting form continues blood splatter, some fresh.

Damian falls to his knees, still staring up at him with fogged eyes.

The male leans down; grabbing him by his shoulder and pulling him back into a standing position. Then leans him back against something fastened with two large daggers in between the two trees.

The still functioning side of Damian's mind keeps screaming for him to run far from there and get back to the apartment, but stops as it registers the wetness against his back, soaking into his sweatshirt and shirt. He slowly turns to face what he's leaning against. The image slowly processing into his mind. When it finally comes to him his eyes widen, no longer fogged over, and he stumbles away from it.

The man laughs harshly, grabbing a hold on his shoulders so he won't escape. He turns him to face the wilted body.

The body of a woman is spread out between the two trees, pinned by four blood soaked daggers. One of her eyes is bulged out of her head while the other dangles lazily against her high hollow cheek bones. Her mouth hangs open, blood still pumping out of it like a fountain, without a tongue. Many large gashes plague her skin and elegant, seemingly untouched dress, but he could tell that it had been removed during the brutal killing seeing as her blood was seeping through it like a hose through a sheet of fabric. The blood pooled at her feet like a small pond, bubbling with fly larva.

Damian quickly covers his mouth with his hands and closes his eyes tightly, as gags of disgust rake at his insides. Luckily he hadn't eaten to the gagging was fruitless and he only managed to disgust himself.

The male laughs again at the boy's reaction as he pries his hands away and forces him to look up at the once beautiful woman before them, getting an unusually pleasure, since he always hated to see his meal after it died, from the site of the teen's horror and disgust.

Damian's eyes well up with unwanted tears as he looks at the woman, unable to look away from her mangled body, seeing how the man was holding him tightly in place. His small form shaking slightly as he suppresses the small sobs of fear.

Noticing the boy take in a sharp breath, he looks down. His crimson eyes searching the large baby blue ones. It's then he notices the small tears in the corner of the boy's eyes. Only then does he feel the boy shaking in his hold. He turns the boy roughly to face him.

Damian gasps as he squirms trying to get away, but the man holds him still.

"Why are you crying?!" The man says now angry.

Damian closes his eyes and shakes his head, trying to tune him out.

"Listen to me, boy!" He yells, shaking him violently.

Damian nods, still not opening his eyes.

The man now livid twists his elegant fingers in Damian's hair, yanking it mercilessly. He growls in annoyance, but doesn't release him. Throwing all other ideas for a slow delicious meal out of his head he leans down and slowly licks Damian's neck. His smirk returns when he feels the boy shutter in response to his touch. With skilled hands he quickly removes Damian's sweatshirt and slowly begins to slide his long flawlessly pale fingers across the boy's chest then to the hem of his checkered black and white shirt.

Damian gasps quietly a small blush spreading across his face, but still refuses to open his eyes. On the contrary he shuts them tighter.

The male can't help but let out a small harsh laugh, as he slowly (almost agonizingly slow.) runs his fingers against the boy's pale chest. In another swift motion his shirt is lying on the ground beside him. The man stops the slow trek of his hands as he stares down at the multiple large bruises bluntly obvious on the boy's pale skin. He scraps his claw down one, a fresh one, over his ribs.

Damian whimpers in pain as he does so, finally opening his eyes slightly to look up at him.

The male stares down at the pathetic boy when a sudden wave of anger overflows him. He unintentionally tightens his hold of his hair, causing the boy to cry out. He growls and shakes him violently by his hair. Leaning forward he locks his canines against the pale skin, between the shoulder and neck. Damian struggles to get away as the sharp fangs penetrate. The man sucks at his neck brutally, the same anger from before when he killed the woman before. Somehow he always ended up choosing humans who have been neglected or beaten. He was sick of it, so to make up for his anger he would rip them to shreds, even if it meant ruining a meal.

The unshed tears from earlier, slowly streak down his face in tiny rivers, his energy almost completely gone. Damian blinks slowly as his vision becomes unfocused. His arms fall limply at his side.

The older male continues to suck at the boy's neck, deepening the bite until he almost completely rips it from his shoulder. His clawed fingers slowly cut down his chest in large angular marks, stopping at his stomach. He moves his arms around the boy's waist and slowly does the same to his back, leaving no part uncut. He smirks, slowing his sucking and continues to cut the boy in various places.

Damian whimpers in pain as he continues to cut his small frail body.

The man finally stops satisfied with his work and he slowly removes his canines from the boy in his arms. He licks away the gushes of blood that flows slowly across the Damian's collarbone. The man looks down once again at the boy, noticing that he was just barely conscience. He frowns, watching the boy's head bob up and down falling in and out of conscienceness.

'Shit...' was all that came to his mind at that moment...


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