The difference between friend and freind: One is imaginary, one is not.

Not quite so simple.

The friend is a traditionally used term. Friend meaning a fellow being that one confides trust and confidence in.

Confidence is a bit redundant. Friends can be false or genuine. Friends can be deceitful or loyal. So what is a freind?

A typo.

Not so simple.

Is anything in life really so simple? Who can truly ponder and understand the intricacies and whims of language? Is it composed of random syllables, strung together to form sounds which are pleasing to the ear? The letters, are they the product of random shapes designed to represent a picture and therefore a three-dimensional object?

You're getting off the subject.

What is the subject, then? The difference between friend and freind? One's a made up word!

Both are made up words.

No. Rather, one is a made up word, and the other is a facsimile of one. A typo.

The fingers move in mysterious ways.

Muscle memory can't be perfect. And neither can the eyes or brain.


Mistakes are an intrinsic part of humanity. Of life.

Freind is a mistake? Are you sure friend is not the term at fault here?

Time will out.

But the record does not always bear the truth of the past.

Let me ask you something, then. Why not frend?

Why not indeed?