23 Flavors

sharing a soda as we watch the clouds

taking a chance to dream out loud

making wishes at the break of dawn

tumbling down in the fresh-cut lawn

stargazing on a Wednesday night

getting totally drenched in a water fight

running wild through the surf and sand

crossing the street just to hold your hand

dancing the tango without a sound

rocking out in a concert crowd

asking the daisies who loves who

making prank calls just for something to do

stating politely the room is warm

driving home in a thunder storm

playing a beach style frisbee game

messing things up and sharing the blame

goofing off in the Wal-mart aisle

telling a joke just to see you smile

riding roller coasters, your hands up high

(me) holding on, thinking we're gonna die!

arguing even if we both know I'm wrong

praising God with our favorite song

asking for one more caramel kiss

there are so many things that I'm gonna miss

...twenty-three flavors is all we need

...these are the days of you and me

A/N: okay, darling people who know me, please, stop for a moment, whatever you're thinking. The 'you' addressed in this poem is not a single person, but a bunch of different people in my life. If you desperately need specifics, well, ask. Or, you could just sit back and enjoy the poem... ;D