Winged Love

Winged Love

The soft hands of an angel,

That's what you give me

And in return for you winged love

I will set you free.

I will kiss your forehead

And lay you to sleep

Watch you drift to dreams,

Quietly, as I weep.

Tears not that of sadness,

But tears of pure love

As I watch your dreams fly,

Soar high above.

High above the clouds,

Past Heaven's gates,

Earth's moon far behind,

Who knows what awaits.

Maybe past all of the galaxies,

All of the beautiful stars,

Lays our peaceful destiny

Where we have no scars.

So fly my angel,

My sweet winged love,

To the skies so clear,

To the stars above.

But know my dear

That I am not far behind,

Helping you when I can,

And trying to be kind.