Dante's Confession

Dante's Confession

Some people in the world think we do not exist, others hope, and some know. We were once called Night Feeders, Death Bringers, Dark Angels; we have been depicted as the Grim Reaper, we are Death itself. Mortals may rule the day but we rule the night. What are we? Well, if you were to label us we would be known as vampires. Yes, those known to kill and suck the life out of humans for our own gain. I only know too well the sweet taste of blood in my mouth, enveloping my tongue, coating my lips. The beat of their heart pounding in all my senses, my ambrosia.

My name is Dante; I have walked this earth furtively for 500 years now. If you were to count my age up until I was damned I would be 22. As for my appearance my hair is long and black in contrast with my cerulean blue eyes. I have a narrow face, straight nose, and there is nothing special about my lips. Standing at six feet five inches I tower over most and I have a slight build. Also I simply love leather and jeans, I wear as much as possible. I do have a bad habit of smoking, but hey what kills you does not even scratch me.

As for smarts I will put it as simple as possible; I am a veteran of knowledge and a sophisticate of art, I have a passion for the beauteous and poetry is of second nature. Think that is odd for an immortal? Well I should ask, how many immortals do you know? How better to spend your eternity then learning all the world has to offer, absorbing the history like a thirsty sponge.

Just like my brains, my brawn exceeds that of any mortal's. As I have said, it looks like I am of slight build, but I could take down any steroid pumped, muscle headed mortal any day. If I wanted I could stop a car, it would take a lot of effort but I could do it.

When I feed I combine both brains and brawn to draw in and kill my victim. Unlike a lot of my brethren I am not picky, I feed indiscriminately. Normally I find my victims in bars or dark alleys, drenched in alcohol or fear, mind clouded either way. Women are a lot easier to lure than men, they fall for my knowing eyes and mischievous smile in seconds.

I am not just muscle with brains, I feel; in fact I fell in love onceā€¦

She was a beautiful English woman. She was first marked as my prey until she noticed me alone in the corner of the bar. As soon as she moved, no, flew toward me like the angel she was I knew I could do her no harm, I knew that I loved her. Holding out her had she introduced herself; Marianne, the name only an angel could hold, no, only a Goddess. I took her hand eagerly but gently and kissed with not even my lips but with my love.

I was entranced in the spell I put so many under.

Pulling out a chair I offered it to her with a wave of my hand, gracefully she bowed and sat. Elegance, beauty, perfection, these words were grey and dull next to this Goddess of my heart. Not like myself I practically fell all the way back to my chair not letting my eyes stray from her for a moment. Realizing my jaw was slack I snapped to attention, found my voice, and gave her my name. Soon she was asking questions and I could tell her nothing less than the truth.

Around midnight I asked her to accompany me on a walk. This is when the most astonishing thing happened. She asked me if I was human, she said no man could be so handsome, I told her I could ask her the same question making her blush uncontrollably. I could not help myself after that, I told her my dark secret and broke the Law of the Vampires condemning myself to death if anyone knew.

After I finished I turned my back to her with great effort, would she run? Would she think me mad? What if she killed me on the spot?

While thinking this I felt warmth creep up my sides and felt a weight on my back. Holding the delicate fingers and kissing them I let my fangs brush against each one to show her my truth.

Finally she spoke with a voice cracked by tears she told me she knew of the existence of vampires, that she normally thought them monsters until this night with me. Breaking away I turned and kissed her with such passion, blood tears streaking my face and mingling with her tears. I held her close letting my hunger for blood wash away as my years deprived of human love shattered in this one moment.

Oh how we loved one another, we would stay up all night talking. She changed me into the man I am now. Previously stated: I killed indiscriminately, but thanks to Marianne I feed on thieves, murderers, the scum of existence. I only fed in front of her if she asked to come, but other than that I was attached to her. All she heard from me were lovely words painted with kindness.

My poetry, how she loved it! I never was so excited; for hours she would sit there, listen contently, and even ask me to reread a few.

She inspired everything I did; my art, my stories, my poetry, her elegance was almost inhuman, her grace unrelenting, her beauty nothing ever seen before. I told her so over and over again. She would praise me in the same manner; tell me I was her knight, her handsome vampire, her god.

Her kisses, oh god her kisses! I hungered for them more than I hungered for blood. One kiss was never enough, nor was two, or three, I always had to have more.

Marianne, oh Marianne, how perfect you were. Your beautiful gold curls as soft and light as a feather, shocking emerald eyes that go deeper than the soul, skin as soft as a newborn and as fare as mine.

I would have turned her as soon as she said she would if she was not 18. I wanted her to experience mortal life as long as I have; I mean it was only four more years, and how wonderful those years were. We spent every night together expressing our love in every way possible. If only I changed her sooner then maybe all that happened could have been avoided.

While on one of our nightly strolls a Vampire of the Law spotted her watching me kill and stroll off hand in hand. Angered knowing that I broke the greatest law he stalked us. A few days later she was killed right before my eyes. I could not believe it, it was implausible, the woman I devoted my existence to, my beloved was dead. She was to be converted that night. That was the date I learned not to love, it will just end in heartache.

For awhile after that incident I was irritable. I went into dormancy for 50 years hoping things would be better. Still I felt aggrieved and became inert; this depression seemed as interminable as my life. To this day I drown in my sorrow. I only wished to share eternity with one person and even that was not permitted. I am a breathing sin, a walking damnation; I can be your dream come true or your worst nightmare, whichever is your fancy.