excerpt from the ending:

Years later.

"And that was it." I said to the room full of girls who were hanging on every single word I was saying, "He obviously tried to talk to me on several different occasions, but we couldn't get things back to the way they were. "


Okay, so my paranoia about being plagiarized crept up again when I was casually searching through the site when I found another author who i had been in contact with YEARS ago had been plagiarized OVER 15 times. And while her work is arguably the most popular work on the site, it made me nervous. So I have removed it from the cite because as I said in the first chapter, this was my first story (even though it's really raw and needs a re-write) it gave me confidence to put myself out there and to share my story.

Not a lot of people know this but at the time I wrote GE my mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I was trying to deal with that and college...GE was my escape. It was how I got through that time and the love all ya'll showed towards GE got me through that so thank you. thank you. thank you.