A young man stares out across the valleys and plains before him. Never in his life had he ever felt so alone as today, while he watched the numerous wolves running and playing with each other in the fields beneath him. Why couldn't they have just accepted him as his mother surely desired before his birth? Why did they hate him so just because he was a tad bit different than them? There were other hybrids among the pack, yet only he was treated badly and hated. Sighing, he turned away from the sight and sound of the pack. He wasn't wolf, though it was the dominant half of his blood, he sure as hell wasn't human, and his father's people wouldn't accept him either considering he was one of the enigmas that hunted their species down and killed them.

No, no one would ever accept him among them. He was destined to walk this world alone until he eventually died…if he eventually died. Could his kind actually die? He shook his head as he began walking away from the hill. It didn't matter; it wouldn't change the fact that he would always be alone. He had accepted this fact the day he had finally been told why he was different and why everyone hated him because of it. He was a dhampir, though not the normal types who were half human half vampire, no he was wolf and vampire which made an extremely deadly combination. Considering he was immune to everything both sides of his blood were not. Turning to stare up at the bright sun above him, a slight, ironic smirk appeared on his lips. This was going to be one hell of a life.