When Grey was a few feet away from Scout's retreating form, he was slammed to the ground by a heavy weight. Growling savagely, he quickly shoved to his feet, only to still suddenly in stunned silence. Larry and Casey were in full attack mode between him and Scout. What the hell? Grey's beast didn't understand, why wouldn't they allow him near his mate?

Growling more angrily when they stopped him once more, Grey roared out: "Get out of my way, now!"

A spark appeared around the pure brown wolf, a moment before Larry stood before him, still preventing him from chasing after Scout.

"We no longer belong to your pack, Grey. You cannot tell us what to do; you are not our Alpha anymore. Scout is! And she asked us to keep you away from her. So back off, Grey. Or we will fight you."

Grey's beast saw red once more; they wouldn't allow him near Scout? Who were they to stop him? Scout was his! Now that he was in full control over man and wolf, and knew exactly what had occurred and why, he wanted his mate back!

Just as Grey took a menacing step toward Larry, Scout's voice sounded throughout the silence.

"Grey, stop! They are doing what I asked of them and I will not condone you harming them because of it. Just, please, go back to your pack. There is nothing here for you any longer."

Scout turned away and once more began climbing the steep hill, desperately attempting to ignore her aches and pains, both physical and emotional. She nearly made it to the top when Grey's voice stilled her once again.

"Scout! Come back, we need to discuss what happened. You will listen to me and return to being my mate."

Rage filled Scout at Grey's audacity. How dare he demand anything from her? How dare he demand she return to his pack and be his mate once more after all the bullshit he believed and pain he caused her?

Allowing the anger to flow through her, Scout fiercely turned back to face Grey where Larry and Casey still held him at bay.

"No! Shut up! I'm through listening to you, Grey. For once you are going to listen to me and you damn well better pay attention. Am I clear?"

When Grey just blinked up at her and remained quiet, Scout limped a few steps back down the hill and closer to Grey and the remainder of his pack, that were finally coming around enough to join him.

Scout ignore them circling Grey and Larry and the twins circling protectively around her. Raising her head, she glared down at Grey in defiance. She would no longer be a doormat for anyone.

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear for you, Grey. ..MATE! Not any longer. You, yourself, made that quite clear over a year again when you ruthlessly threw me out of your pack! For something I never did or caused. You accused me of not being faithful to your pack…to you! Remember, Grey? They were never your pups anyways!"


"I told you to shut up, Grey." Scout tried desperately to not break down, but at Grey's soft tone a tear escaped her control and trickled down her cheek at the memory of the kindness he once showed her. Which, now, was all a lie.

"For seven years I followed you, Grey. Seven years! I kept you safe, I taught you what you didn't know to survive despite what you think. I followed you faithfully and listened to your commands unquestioningly throughout those years. I did everything to prove to you I was useful and needed so you wouldn't send me away. I loved you and did everything I could to prove it to you. And what happened? At the first sign of trouble you betrayed me. You refused to listen to a word I had to say and instead listened and believed the lies of another. I warned you to be weary of and around Maran, that something wasn't right with her. And did you do?"

The anger left Scout in a whoosh, leaving behind only sad resignation. "You blew me, my words, and my warning off. I guess seven years means nothing to you; it sure as hell didn't earn me any trust. I accepted you, Grey. Both sides of you. I would have died for you. But never once did I ever mean anything to you. You never accepted me."

"Scout I…."

"Enough, Grey! I refuse to be anyone's doormat from this moment on. Now I am leaving, and you are not going to follow me. There is nothing here for you anymore. Go back to your pack and leave me the hell along. I never want to see you again."

Scout quickly turned away as she shifted back to wolf form and tried to make a graceful exit. Though she knew she failed miserably. With the injuries she survived through, she would never be graceful at anything. Larry and the twins quickly surrounded her, protecting her from Grey and his pack as they made their escape.

"Grey, should we go after her? She purposefully insulted you and should be reprimanded."

"What? You'll not lay a hand on Scout. Am I clear?"

Grey growled out as his attention shifted away from the retreating white wolf, to the red-headed one standing slightly behind him on the right.

The wolf looked a little sheepish as he took a step back. "But Maran stated…"

Grey backhanded the wolf as hard as he could, causing him to crumple to the ground.

"I never want to hear that name again. Do I make myself clear? She betrayed us, sent us to an ambush, and now she is dead."

Grey took the couple steps forward to stand above the fallen wolf. "And you, David. If you ever threaten my mate again, I will skin you alive, before drinking you dry. Do you understand?"

David nodded sheepishly, before dropping his gaze in an unchallenging display. Grey shifted his attention away from David to a small, blonde female.

"You have something to say, Sandy?"

"Only that if you are still claiming Scout as yours, shouldn't we be going after her?"

"No, we will not be going after Scout."

Grey turned away from his pack and Scout's nearly gone form. His beast was still in full control and knew he would have to plan deeply and tread lightly to bring Scout back home once more.

"But..?" She started as she hurried to step in front of grey, stilling him.

"I said no, Sandy."

Sandy's gaze turned to uncertainty as it roved around the other members of the pack, before returning to his gaze.

"What are we to do then, Alpha?"

"We will retreat from this territory, regroup, and recover. We will give Scout the time she needs to do the same. If she doesn't return after that time, then we will search her out and return her to where she belongs. Let's go. Tomorrow we will find and claim our own territory."

Side stepping around Sandy, Grey stalked off into the surrounding forestry. Preventing any further conversation on the matter. The wolf paced within his subconscious, not at all pleased to be shoved away. The beast didn't care, he had his chance and screwed everything up. Now it was the beast's turn to fix everything and bring his mate home. And he would not fail….

There will be a second to this story called: Dark of the Moon. I am just not certain when I will be posting it though. I hope you enjoyed this story.