The creature lurched forward. Tom jumped at him. Duck, dive, duck dive. The creature was faster than Tom, but Tom had skill. The creature jumped back and forth; in every direction. It seemed to be showing Tom what it was made of.

Tom lurched forward again, ready to attack. He tried hitting it with all of his strength. The creature was undaunted. He tried again and again. Each time Tom dung his armored hand deeper into the creature's flesh, but it acted as if it was unharmed. Tom thought, "What is this mutant? How can I stop it?"

Tom's distracting thoughts allowed the creature to whip across his face. Tom flipped over in surprise. Shaking his head in disgust Tom now realized the creature had the advantage. With Tom now on the floor, the creature leaped onto his stomach. Suddenly filled with adrenaline, Tom used his feet to propel the creature across the room. It squeaked in pain as it hit the floor.

Tom lunged forward, going for the kill, but the creature was able to roll away just in time. Tom could feel his muscles aching. He could feel the burn in his lungs and his heart felt as if it was going to burst. But the creature had not even lost its breath. "What is this thing?"

Using his last ounce of strength Tom ran after the creature, but it was faster. Tom tried to jump on top of it, but the creature was wise and moved. Tom fell to the ground in pain. He could no longer move, he was simply too exhausted. He knew this was it. Tom let out a loud whine and awaited his defeat; he tightly closed his eyes and waited.

Yet nothing happened. Tom opened his eyes once more. The creature remained still, its beady eyes staring deep into Tom's soul. Suddenly, before Tom knew what was happening, the creature collapsed. It lay motionless on the floor. Tom eyed it suspiciously, "Is it dead?"

Patty dropped the toy mouse at Tom's feet. She looked down at her cat, "Sorry boy, I have to eat dinner." She patted Tom on the head and skipped to dinner, leaving Tom alone with his immortal foe.

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