the warring stars

are beautiful

as lives are crushed

for biofuel

we're heaven-bound

with a late start

the oppressed told

'be a good sport'

bronze silver gold

just aren't oil

national pride

supports our fools

signs selling knives

by the wayside


we laughed and sighed

we're hoping for


this taxing life

paid off yearly

who knows what is

around this bend

the sweet sublime

of love is banned

so carry on

your homemade bombs

and exorcise

unsightly bums

the rest is fraud

she tickles you

that self-restraint

is of no use

freedom landlocked

the border shut

a dollar dropped

not worth the shout

the dreaming dogs

chase their quarry

the blood they drink

without query

we leave this road

for mountain paths

three weeks of bliss

will quickly pass

in the moment

we live for now

just forgetting

the lives we knew

darkness falls here

a rainstorm shroud

a bleak sight to

the tamed and shrewd

a final touch

made us linger

it wouldn't last

any longer

goodbye these lives

turn towards the past

landing in a

different tempest

a miserable joy

of love apart

two halves unwhole

without rapport

humming nonsense

to ease her mind

while memories

of you remained

where this will end

no one can tell

but promise her

no fairy tale

if love exists

let this be it

an endless night

and your heartbeat.

TMK 11july2008