It is your elongated fingernails,
cracked on the edges and
roughened over eternity,
that beckons with a kind of malefic
allure. They curl,
fisting the air, and piercing the
behinds of your wrists
with the sharpened knives that
lie on your nail beds. They are
almost as sharp as canines embedded
on your blackened gums, that glimmer
with saliva as you flick your serpent tongue.

I am as close to you,
as your teeth to my neck, but darling,
my blood will never be as sweet as the
sugar in my tea, or the devils
meat stuck between your
back teeth.

The blood will d r i p,
but your mirrored reflection in the
window will expose
the secrets you hide.

The shadows don't lie,
but you can.


a/n: something different for once. inspired by dracula.