The Trilogy of Samuraan: Odiresha


Not many people get to change the course of history, but one girl does.

Rosette has never had the chance to become more than an ordinary fifteen year old farm girl, as her days are filled to the brim with cooking and cleaning, sparing only the odd moment to daydream about Slouvic, the handsome bar-hand. Little does she know, that she is the deciding factor in the war that is brewing upon the horizon.

As Rosette goes about her daily routine, elsewhere Janquin, the Lady of the Night, gathers the leaders of her many minions in the darkened recesses of Symenthia, to discuss the impending war with the Duwelgan. In the Tribekka Desert, the Mahoutsukai of Kanesh assembles the armed forces of the three cities of Samuraan, preparing to strike out at the iron fist that has enclosed around the Symenthian way of life.

In a world governed by a strange force known as Samuraan that can either bring glory and bliss or death and destruction to all that channel it, including Rosette. She is lost within the midst of her newly discovered power until she meets a mysterious figure whom she knows only as Xela.

Rosette must embark upon a journey that will uncover her past and the dark secrets lying beneath the veiled surface of deceit set in place so many years ago. All the while, Janquin, Dictator of Symenthia, and Aikella, leader of the Duwelgan, weave their twisted plots to gain control of the naïve farm girl.

Who will be able to win her allegiance? Will it be Janquin, the cruel Lady of the Night, or will it be Aikella, the cunning Mahoutsukai? All that can be certain is no life will go untouched by Rosette's decision.