She wiped the tears off her eyes and tried to look brave for her daughter.

"It's going to be alright."

"Mommy, I'm tired."

"No, no, please don't go to sleep! Stay awake."

Mandy's small eyelids began to shut. The hospital's walls began to fade away.

"Mandy, please," Her voice was desperate. She shook her lightly. "Wake up, come on Mandy, if you get up we can go outside and play." She wiped away another tear. Remembering the good old times before her seven year old was diagnosed with cancer. "We'll catch butterflies and blow bubbles."

Mandy's eyes were barely open now. She struggled to stay awake. "Mommy, let me sleep!"

"Oh Mandy! Please Mandy, it's not bed time!"

Mandy took a breath; her eyes again began to shut. "Why are you crying?" Her voice grew very weak. "It's so pretty. The music, it's beautiful Mommy. I see him." She took a long pause, with her eyes almost shut she whispered, "I see Jesus."

Those were her final words before her eyes shut and she fell asleep. Forever. Her mother threw her head down and wept. She was gone; now in Jesus's hands.

Pray for the many children who are suffering from cancer. They need your prayers.