tin sam died today, bless his soul, and
it is said that with his most and fateful breath he
took a great look up at a sky made of baubles and spit

and glitter and rubber bands and bubble gum and
paper clips and all common things, at a sky
stuck together with putty and flypaper, and
it is said that, seeing this, he gave up the ghost
but don't you believe it

and he saw that the sky sat up there like a leaf on a
tree and if he blew hard enough it would all come down and
it smelled like a dog on a wet day come inside
to sit by the fire, and smoke, and
it tasted like a dusty old apple and
it sounded like old music on a record player at half speed
and as he bled out on the pavement, tin sam loved

tin sam died today, bless his soul, on the earth and
at peace, and there was nobody to miss him and
his body ached, briefly, and his heart ached, always, out of love and

up in the sky, the moon was a cottonball half eaten away
by moths, looking down on him, and it rained, and
he turned to the side and saw a dandelion grown out of the crack and
he picked it and placed it in his jacket pocket and
it would die with him

and the rain fell light and cool
and what remained of tin sam passed away

tin sam died today, bless his soul, and the world
continued to pass by, and it is said that the last time he
opened his eyes, a plane flew overhead and he followed the
flashing red lights with his good eye, and

pale yellow washed over him, and he didn't notice but he did
see the plane flying over blinking and
laying there he heard a dull roar, constant and droning and
the language of the people and the smell of filth and peaches and

there was yelling and blasphemy and none of this bothered
him because, as blood seeped into his good eye and
the blinking lights of the plane blended into the rest of the world,
beyond the clutter, tin sam thought he heard a bird