Okay, well, there's kinda this darkness. Everywhere. It's really annoying. About ten minutes ago, I was taking pictures every two seconds with the flash on. But, it ran out of batteries not long ago, so, now, I'm stuck in the dark. With nothing to do except stare out into the general darkness of this place. Total, spectacular, fun. I sighed in utter annoyance and took a lovely seat on this very dirty, very filthy, very damp ground-made-of-dirt. It seeped through the seat of my pants and made my butt feel squeamish, and I wanted to hold it off the ground with my shoulders against the wall, but the wall was several times worse. It was utterly nasty. I heard slight tapping and clicking as little bugs scurried over the muddy cement, and I couldn't do anything about it. The only thing I could do was sit here and make sure I didn't accidentally drop and break my camera.

The air was chilly and damp, just like the floors and the walls and my ass. I was down there for hours, on account of a rather foolish and childish dare, and I was hungry, and thirsty, and tired, and feeling very queasy.

"Bleeeeh..." I heard myself make out, even though I wasn't aware that I had said anything. My lips were numb. I got up, forcing my settled weight to my feet, and walked around a bit, mentally mapping the area of the room I was in, which was underground. I had wondered into here and had immediately gotten myself lost. "Bleeehhhh..." I repeated. The room was a bit bigger than my kitchen, and had three exits. I figured out, at least, that the one currently closest to me was how I got into this room in the first place. It was warmer.

So, I placed my soggy ass next to the hallway and waited. I honestly didn't know for what. For someone to rescue me? Fat chance. Maybe I'll just stand... sit here and rot away from starvation or dehydration. Or maybe lack of oxygen. Or, the worst of all. Boredom.

Oh, my god. I couldn't believe it. As I shifted my butt because my left cheek was falling asleep, I sat on something long and hard. My flashlight. I had completely forgot about it. For punishment, I slammed my head several times against the wall, until I was sure there was a bruise, then I pulled out my flashlight and closed my eyes. Through my eyelids I could see red light. At least it worked. I waited for the stabbing pain to leave my eyeballs before looking. As I opened my eyes, I nearly screamed.

It was a tomb.

Right in front of me was a massive sarcophagus, and it was open. Gasping and panting, I scrambled to my feet, then forced myself back down, since I didn't want to see a rotting corpse. Not now, with cold sweat dripping off my chin. I didn't want to imagine, or see, a body that had been trapped in a stone box, locked in there for an eternity and more. My whole body was shaking as the entire coldness of everything finally dug into my skin and chilled me to the core. My erratically chattering teeth echoed emptily throughout the room.

"Oh god, oh god," I chanted. I shined my flashlight through the other two doorways, watching as the artificial light illuminated the corpses along the wall. Nervously, I did the same down the warm hallway. There was a collection of water along the floor leading into the other room, and, as I looked at my shoes, I noticed that they looked like the nastiest piece of scum that one could ever drag out of a sewer. I realized something right then: I really needed new shoes.

I slowly climbed to my knees and started crawling on my hands and feet out of the room, over the water. That's when I heard it. The whisper. I screeched and scrambled over to the wall and huddled there, flipping off my flashlight so the whisper couldn't find me. I was trembling so bad I nearly fell over. I heard a voice, a whisper, a breath on my ear. My body was still on vibrate as I could hear my breaths reverberate loudly through the hallway. After swallowing several gasps of air, I looked up and turned the light back on. There was nothing there that wasn't there seconds ago. Now, of course, my clothes were even more wet.

There was nothing for the whisper to come from, there was nothing to fear. There was nothing to fear but fear itself. Oddly, that comforted me. I stumbled to my feet and felt a bit of painful blood rush to my ankles as I limped over to the next room.

This on was bigger than the last, with a doorway right across from me. I probably didn't even notice I had entered another room. I stepped in a flashed the light around. On one side, to my right, there were three sarcophagus, lengthwise, and, to my left was--


I took a painful breath that I accidentally swallowed, and burped several seconds later. Everything had started to shake again. It took me a couple moments to calm down. It was just a skeleton. Actually, soon, it became cool. I walked up to it and poked its arm, watching the bone shrivel to dust with interest. I shined the light into its vacant eye sockets, watching it reflect off the lovely little web in the back of its head. I imagined the brain still in there, in the decomposing cranium and some spider spinning its masterpiece on its grey matter. I shivered and giggled. I pressed the skull between the eye sockets.


I jumped back as the skull fell off its neck and fell to the ground where, instead of shattering into tiny calcium pieces, it just lost its jaw and rolled towards my feet. I stepped back a bit, out of the way, to let it pass. But it didn't. It just headed towards my feet again, rolled eye over head. I scampered backwards, hoping it really wasn't heading towards me. Test my luck, it was.

I danced backwards, keeping my light on the rolling skull, watching it shine inside the rotten head. I let out a yelp as it touched my numbed toe and pranced back some more. With every roll, it looked more menacing, more like it was trying to devour my foot rather than tumble near me. I finally turned off my light, just so I didn't have to see its eyes mocking me. But I could still hear its sickening turns, hear its cranium over the dirt. Now I was terrified and I couldn't see. And I was being chased by a demonic skull. When I bumped into something I screamed and froze. There was an echoing quiet as I realized that the skull was no longer moving. Then, something touched my shoe. I jumped backwards and fell into something. One of the sarcophagus. I laid there, stunned for several seconds against the stone, until I felt something break under my fingers. I gasped and inhaled old dust and bone and coughed. There was a rumbling above my head.

"NO!!" I screamed, my voice breaking several octaves as I pushed against the cold stone that was slowly closing over the coffin. "NO!!" I shoved my shoulder against the lid, trying to push it off. The only way it was moving was over my way out. I tried to grab my flashlight, but, by the time I got it on, the stone had been moved all the way over. I was trapped. "NOO!!" I yelled again, pushing against the lid, the walls. I felt everything closing in, like a claustrophobic nightmare. I yelled some more, blood, pulsing through my veins, making my wrists and ankles and neck sore from the beat. I yelled as I slammed my knuckles, bleeding, into the sides, hoping to make them break or shatter. My entire brain was focused on one thing: getting out. I couldn't remember or tell the difference from one moment to the next as it all melded together in the coffin of moldy death and decay. Sometime during it all, I turned off my flashlight for some reason, maybe on the sudden thought to save batteries, I'll never know. I tried to push my fingers into the crack between the lid and the box, but I couldn't manage. I shoved my back against the lid. I didn't even budge it. I scratched at the lid several times, still trying to move it over, but stopped as blinding pain ripped through several of my fingers and traveled up my arm. I finally stopped and leaned my head against the cool stone, shakily breathing. Tears that I didn't notice were streaming down my cheeks. Warmth was spreading over pants that I vaguely noted came from my hands. I groped blindly and defeatedly over the ground for my flashlight and turned it on.

The nails on three of my fingers were splintered and broken, one completely gone, probably encased in the lid. I didn't want to look, and see pieces of myself trapped in the stone of the tomb. My fingers were bleeding freely, spreading over my pants and staining the ground below me. I followed the pool with my eyes. And saw another skull. I jolted up and slammed my own skull into the lid, lights danced in front of my eyes, and I blacked out.

I woke again I don't know how long after I blanked. I awoke from a small rumbling sound. Was the roof moving again. My hands, which were shaking again, couldn't hold onto my flashlight as a pushed myself up. My hand fell on several things, and the disintegrated. I screeched. I brushed aside the crumbling bone and grabbed my flashlight just in time to flip myself over to see who had helped me.

Standing above me, moving the stone as if it were nothing, was a beautiful woman. A woman with long hair that dripped over her shoulders towards me. A beautiful woman that was a vague transparent blue that radiated a light so I could see her. A beautiful woman with gaping black circles for eyes that emitted a hollow, breathy sound that neared ever closer as she leaned over the coffin, her face getting closer to mine. Her mouth opened slightly, showing perfect teeth. But all I could see were those hollow eyes. I screamed one last time, and, dropping my flashlight, jumped up, jumped through her, and out through the doorway. It was like a dream, another nightmare, as I dashed through the rooms, the new destination flashing through my mind split seconds before I chose my destination. Through doors, up and down stairs, all the time, burning adrenaline coursing through my body, making my legs sore, my arms sore, my head sore, making cold sweat drip down my face and seep into my clothes, making my shiver all the more while. I couldn't see, but I knew where I was going. Then, I ran into something that shook and tremmered and I tripped and hit soft earth. I jumped to feet and ran only a few more paces before I once again collided with something and I fell over it and things were holding me down and not letting my move and I was screaming and sobbing and there was yelling that was not mine than cold water was dumped over me. I calmed down, though I was still grabbing at those who were holding me.

"Chill! Chill!" Several things yelled at me. I yelled back. Then somebody kissed me. I froze.

"Calm down. Chill. Are you alright?" Heaving, the people above me came into focus. I gaped at them, open mouthed.

"Are you alright?" two of them said in unison. I nodded, slowly.

"Five hours," another said, checking a watch. "Five hours. That's five hundred dollars. I don't have five hundred dollars."

"Me neither."

"Me neither."

"Me neither."

"We've got five hundred dollars to give you by next week. Shoot." I managed to my knees and looked to where I came from. It was a cave. I didn't remember a cave. And there was a bush I ran into. And tripped over. It was uprooted. That was the cave that trapped me in a grave of someone that I didn't know. It was bad enough being buried in your own grave alive. It was even worse to be in someone else's. Two people heaved me to my feet and started dragging me away as I tripped over my own two feet. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the beautiful, ghostly, hollow-eyed woman smiling at me from the cave entrance, waving with one finger.