Three A.M. was not ordinarily an ideal time for any person to walk the streets of Caset, but one child looked at his nightly strolls through the black outskirts of the metropolis a necessity. And that night was special to Gerald Last. It marked the day he began recording his exploits on the streets of the city. He already held the book in his hand; a filthy old metal ring bound notebook bought from quite possibly the seediest pawn shop in the city, but a book none-the-less. A real concrete book he could write in. It wasn't often that he built up to getting anything of monetary value at all, but that was beside the point.

Not a month ago, Gerald had learned of his abilities. He felt that he owed writing his technique down to the city. Perhaps if he could record what he experienced, someone could tell him what the hell was going on.

Gerald dropped down to sit against the wall of the old pizza shop he hung out around and opened the book. It was half-filled with crude drawings and stains of sorts, but he didn't mind. He made a motion in the air with his free hand and pressed his palm flat "Shine." he muttered and a neon white sigil flashed into the empty space, letting off a soft glow.

He took a pen from his coat pocket and wrote on the front page in the same odd runes as he had left in the air. He wished he knew a more comprehensible written language, but writing hadn't even been an issue until the month before. He wrote into the first available page a title with the name he'd given his technique:


The power of God.

The symbols for 'God' burned slightly into the paper. Gerald thought it was odd, but shrugged it off. He still hadn't found what all of the runes were for and he figured there had been a reaction of some sort. He decided to deliberately mark the sigils so they didn't activate and end up blowing up the book or something to that effect.

I do not know if anyone can decipher this, but I have found the power to manipulate things. Anything.

I am not sure if anyone else is capable of performing these acts, but I will describe what I do. I simply use my hand to write the symbols into something, and things happen.

All of these symbols are marked so that they will not activate.

He made a note to draw the mark by itself so that anyone reading could identify what not to put in the real symbols. He began to write everything he knew already about what he could do with the symbols. He felt he had grasped most of the art already, and was well on his way to mastering it. "Activated... by the word... shine." while he said the word, the last symbol of the word shine erupted into smoke before he could mark it. He slammed the notebook shut "Oops..."

Gerald pushed himself up onto his feet and waved a hand at the light symbol to make it vanish.

He jumped as he felt something touch his shoulder.

"Messing with your powers again Jerry?"

Gerald sighed and turned around. Relief passed over him as he saw Kade's face smiling down at him.

Kade was a high school student somewhat older than Gerald, but he never asked by just how much. She was at least a foot taller than him and had always been very kind, so Gerald often regarded her as an older sister of sorts. Kade lived by herself because her parents were abusive, but apparently caring enough to leave her a small fortune in savings before the court convicted them. Kade had never questioned it. Gerald always wondered why, if she had so much money, she dyed her sloppily cut hair dark green and wore ripped old clothes when she regularly gave him new ones for no reason. She was the only person that Gerald confided his powers in.

"Nah, I'm writing down how they work. See?" Gerald opened up the book to the title page and turned it around to Kade.

"You know I can't read that, kid." Kade flipped casually to the next page, half-filled before a small scorch mark. "Did you make this?"

"The book? No, I bought it at Pielle's." Gerald said, taking it back. "if I made it, it would just go away unless I was there to focus on it. Then I'd have to write it again."

Kade chuckled a little "Whatever you say kid. You got a safe place to stay tonight?"

"I was gonna try to make something tonight. If I can build up enough, I can make myself a house!"

"Nice. Well kid, if you ever need something, you know where to find me.

"I know. See you." Gerald appreciated the offer, but he didn't want to be a burden on her. It wasn't really that large of a home and whenever he stayed over she insisted that he take the bed and she go out onto the couch. He had to figure out the creation for a home sometime, but he really just didn't want to bother her.

Kade pushed a foil-wrapped cylinder into his hands. "Saw you out here before and thought you'd like this."

Gerald pulled the edges open "A sandwich? But I-"

"Trust me, I've tried your food, this is better." she turned to walk away "See you around kid."

Gerald stared at the foil. It had been so long since he had eaten food that he hadn't just created himself. Kade was right, it was pretty awful. Gerald smiled as he took a bite out of the sandwich and walked into the back of the alley for the night.

Gerald faced toward the inside of the entrance of the side street and drew several symbols into the air.

"Shine." a large wall flashed into existence, blocking the alley off completely.

Gerald dropped down onto his back to finish his sandwich.

Every night since he had gotten his powers, he could barely divert the little focus it took to maintain his crafts. He kept thinking just what caused it all. He considered it a blessing, a gift from God himself. He appreciated the power, but he wanted to know why. Why would something so wonderful happen to him of all people? Why not someone who could make a difference in the world? Why a little homeless boy?

The boy turned over. He was given this gift for a reason. That reason had to come soon...

Halfway through that filthy old metal ring bound notebook, in that strange archaeic language, the word God glowed softly between the pages...